Lack of tackles

Very unimpressive how many times I saw W. Va players blow right by our defensive backs. Many times when they did make contact they failed to make a tackle and were shrugged off. My father even commented how pathetic it was, and he is rarely critical of a teams play.

I agree with you. The first three games we were tackling and holding teams to a couple of touchdowns. Today, we missed lots of tackles, took bad angles and looked slow reacting.

So true. It’s as if they think they can tackle with their shoulders! I don’t know how many times I screamed, “wrap up” followed by a few expletives. They almost always had people in the right position, they just couldn’t tackle or just flat got outrun. Their team speed was evident, and the times we got outrun were legit, but if they’d made half the tackled they should have made, we’d have won. Very frustrating to watch!

Also, when did they go back to the bend but don’t break defense? If you never attack a quarterback like that by rushing more than 3 or 4 guys he’ll pick you apart.

Overall though, I was happy with what I saw. If Taysom can just make one or two less mistakes per game and the defense could learn to tackle we can actually win a few games and get bowl eligible hopefully.

WVU offense was perfect for our defense. Very quick passes because we had one person off the receiver every time. They catch, juke and run. Our positioning was poor. Our reaction was hesitant that let them get more yards besides not wrapping up on the tackle.
The offense just needs to go to the hurry up. Taysom threw much better in it and ran well too.