Lamb, Tuiaki and Anae mentioned as replacements for Graham at Hawaii . .

On The Athletic website tonight.

Tuiaki to UH? Oh, you cruel, evil tease :joy::joy:

Thought that might peak your interest :thinking: :wink:

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You mean you thought it might “PIQUE” his interest, unless of course his interest was high and this article had the potential to take it even higher. If so, then his interest might “PEAK” as well.

You should peek more to reality :sunglasses:

Let’s pray for Tuiaki to get the job.

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Know. Eye acatuly ment “peak”!

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Go Tui, I’m prayin for you

The drop back 8 could work in Hawaii, Aloha, Brada.

You guys are just mean…11-1 and 10-3 and you expect perfection. Uggg…

Do you really, HONESTLY, believe the drop 8 will reap great rewards in the B12?

Depends how deep we are. If we have lots of injuries again we will have to apply it again.

Lots of injuries again, apply drop 8 in B12 and lose big. Quite a formula for mediocrity.

That’s your opinion. Not necessarily what the reality will be.