Lance Anderson—Stanford DC

It’s Being reported that David Shaw resigned as HC at Stanford. Unless they promote DC Lance Anderson to HC, he will likely be looking for a job when the new HC brings in his own guys.

Anderson is active LDS, is a HIGHLY respected and successful coach at Stanford, and has been DC for nearly 10 years. Anderson has put together great defenses with SEVERE recruiting limitations. He is also widely regarded as a top notch recruiter. Stanford only got one guy from the portal this year (I think Oregon and SC each got 20-some) because Stanford admissions won’t let transfers in. Good time for a coach there to bail.

Tom Holmoe has somewhere between an extra $25m-$50 to spend each year. Anderson may be available. Just sayin’

I’m In, Tom pull the trigger.

Won’t happen. The first criteria of a BYU coaching hire is “Has he worked with Kalani before?”.

What about Jeff Grimes? he worked for Bronco before, not Kalani.

I will say this, although the defense was interesting in the second half, Kalani was laying into the players for missed assignments last night.

I thought the defense played better than previous games.

If I was Grimes, I would not come back to BYU unless hell freezes over. He parlayed his stint with BYU to a step up and even if OC at BYU, that would be a lateral move if not a down move. Given what we have seen this year, BYU has cellar dweller written all over it for the next 4 or 5 years.

I know if I was Connover, I would transfer. Maybe the same for Ropati.

Oops, I forgot. Thanks for the correction.

Tuiaki has announced he is stepping down as DC. Let me repeat something that I said a few days ago: Two of my favorite choices for replacements are Frank Maile, the assistant head coach and defensive line coach at Boise St,and Ephraim Banda, the defensive coordinator and safties coach at Utah St.

Nothing from Rodrick yet?

In reference to one of my earlier posts, You’ll notice that I didn’t list Lance Anderson on my list of favorite candidates. After reading his bio, I’ll amend and say that he is now my top choice: experienced, excellent recruiter, available, use to working with recruiting restrictions, developer of NFL talent, coordinates defenses that are usually near the top of the rankings. I am guilty of being shortsighted and seeing that Stanford presently has the 112th ranked defense (BYU is 93rd). But I have since read that Stanford’s defense had more injuries than BYU’s.

Stanford was mailing it in by mid season. Last night I think Stanford was without 6 or 7 starters on D, with guys on the DL who had hardly played. So I give Anderson a pass on this season. Anderson has had many years with top P5 defenses. And yeah his reputation as a recruiter is a game changer for BYU.

I really like Maile as well.

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