Laptop Repairman Speaks Out

This is really pathetic that the U.S. Government and the Media are used to protect Democrats and destroy Republicans. And, Trump is a meanie and sins…I wonder if Biden is paying off the Ukraine and Russia (oil). And, China gets a free pass for unleashing Covid 19 on the world.

Did you see that CBS did an “Independent review” of whether the Biden laptop claims was real? They determined it to be “real”.

I guess it is okay being “Late to the Party” on this issue. LOL

Got to love the Main Stream Media slow walking.

I might have mentioned it here–I know that I mentioned it somewhere (Facebook, etc.)–that the media and the democrat’s leadership will start paying attention to Hunter’s laptop in February as Biden enters his lame duck period and the party has very little use for him other than to keep Kamala from the presidency.

The very reason why she was picked in the first place, it’s called Job Security.

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He’s not a complete lame duck. He still has the Senate that can do much harm including stacking the Supreme Court and eliminate the Filibuster. But I get your point. And, the Republicans may just try to get Biden out of there.

The reasons were clear. Stop Trump anyway they could. Twitter, Facebook and the media did tremendous harm to this country and continue to do so. And, we all suffer because of this. The media is supposed to be there to protect the people from politicians and military that try to corrupt the government. But, they did not in this case and many other cases. They want this nation to fall into a socialist-communist state as well. They weren’t late. They have no choice because the House will have committees going after the Biden Mafia.

I think all this media crap started with GWB in 2000 and slowly has gotten worse.
Remember Dan Rather “news story” about GWB and the national guard? How it turned out to be “fake”?

If you read your history books though, the “Media” or “News” sources have never really been about being “fair and balance”. In the days of Joseph Smith, newspapers wrote all types of lies about him to whip up the residents to become Anti-Mormon. There are other groups targeted as well during the 1800’s. and early 1900’s.

It wasn’t until Edwin R. Murrow was a broadcaster that they started telling the story and then letting the people decide for themselves what fact or fiction is. that lasted about 40 years and now it is going back to “Flash” news.

That is why I have started trying to research anything the media (Conservative or Liberal) sources may say. the only way to try to find the truth.

It makes it tough to research when the DOJ and FBI are corrupt and withhold this kind of information. Biden is compromised. Hundreds of billions of dollars to the Ukraine, Russia allowed now to flow oil through pipelines they couldn’t before selling to Europe. Turning their backs on Israel by supporting Iran who is supported by Russia and China. Genocide continues in China and Biden won’t defend Tiawan.

That is why I said, “I try to research”, it is getting harder and harder to find unbiased news sources. Just a few years ago there were plenty of information available. Now everyone is worried about being “Cancelled”… Crazy world we live in right now.

What the house needs to do is spend two years obstructing the Biden agenda. Investigate like crazy and see that people like Mayorkas, Garland, Wray etc. are under constant scrutiny.

Biden will never be removed from office and even if the votes were there it would be crazy to do it because a Harris presidency would be far worse. Let’s hope he doesn’t die in office. Just roll him out of office in two years even if he is in a wheel chair drooling on himself.

The Hunter laptop scandal should be investigated and Biden needs to be tied to it. He is almost surely connected to it and the case needs to be made.
This needs to be hammered at constantly for the next two years. Democrats play politics like it is war, and have done so for years. If Republicans want to win they have to approach politics like war.

I would say, impeach Bden with no expectation that the Senate would concur. Bolox Biden as much as possible as with the other dems.