League begins and what to expect

Don’t really know at this point. The Utah game was disappointing as they are probably the best team we played. Here’s what I expect:

  1. At Center, we have 3 big men that can play physical now. All can score. All can play defense. Kahlifa is fun to watch and can shoot 3s.
  2. Waterman is playing far better than last year. His shooting is what was expected last year. He has to see playing time this year. Sanders looked a bit outsized today when he came in. That’s where I think we will see more of Adams if he’s going to play this year.
  3. Knell and Hall have to quit slapping at the ball picking up fouls. If Knell can keep his feet under him on his shot, he can shoot those 3’s.
  4. Hall and Baker are the point guards. Stewart played a good under control game today. So, if we get into foul trouble there we will be okay. Robinson can also play the point as well.
  5. Robinson was rusty for sure. But, I like his midrange game. When the 3 isn’t going, he takes it in the paint and to the sides.
  6. Johnson is the headscratcher. He plays some good defense but makes some bad decisions today losing his man a lot. And, his shooting has gone downhill. Even in the paint.
  7. Defense will be a big thing in the Big12. If we can switch properly, which we didn’t do real well today, then we should be able to play with the better teams.
  8. We can’t make runs and then let teams back in. Not in the Big12. I’m glad we are 12 deep if Adams can play. We will need to run teams and put lots of pressure on teams getting them worn down. Stay hot from the field and we should do very well.