Let West Come to BYU

It may end up being the best place for this guy right now. Please BYU, don’t pass up another chance to do the right thing…

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Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too early to cheer for him to come to BYU or to go away.

The guy is innocent of the charges, it’s been overcharged by a local DA trying to make a name for themselves with elections coming up. Charges will be dismissed. I just hope BYU does the right thing with this.

I guess we’ll find out soon enough. I’m a practicing lawyer but don’t know the first thing about criminal law, DA’s, or elections. I do however know enough to be pretty skeptical of what I read in the news. I hope the kid didn’t do it, and that he can prove he didn’t do it–which may be two very different things.

Were you there? No. I hope that he is innocent. But, you don’t know and neither do I. That’s why we have the courts to make that decision. I hope he comes to BYU too. Sounds like a good fit for someone who wants to develop as a person as well as a football player. But, if he is guilty, I think it would be appropriate to deny his involvement with our coeds. So, let the process find out the truth and go from there. That’s not prejudging. But, you are.

It still comes out in you, subconsciously even.

Typical liberal response. No, not at all.