Let's Brain Storm Part 2

As far as it is legal and moral, (Not suggesting that we go beyond anything that is not legal or not moral).


My brain storm, as a starting point, will hopefully be a catalyst for you to offer much change to my starting points that can come up with something more workable, I suggest the following, realizing all the reasons why my starting points can not work, but hoping that it may INSPIRE some of you to come up with something that could work, I offer for staters, the following:

  1. If you are a 4-5 star player, your Church needs you now. Your Church owned University needs you now.
    We have suffered a blow in this 2017 football season that will never be forgotten, much like our 1968 season,
    (49 years ago,) will never be forgotten.

  2. If you are a 4-5 star player, we realize that your chances for NFL recognition, National Championships, Heisman Trophies,
    and all the glory that could come to you if you were on one of the Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson, or like teams. United,
    the majority of LDS 4-5 star players, we can conquer all again, like we did in 1984, like our 1990 year and other great
    BYU memorable seasons. Without your help, divided we fall. We have been divided too long. We have already fallen too
    far. We call upon you to save the sinking ship. Be our hero. If enough of you will respond we can be like those other
    teams, and at the same time, bring back the pride which we so much need. Will you help us now?

  3. Can the Wards and the Stake Centers, and as high up as we can go, help get this message out in each and everyone of our states. Can we start now?

This is a non-starter. BYU is owned by the church but it isnt the church. It is very unsavory to me and many others to pull the church obligation card when recruiting. This was one of the things among others that got harry reid fired and a lot of bad publicity for him and the school.


" My brain storm, as a starting point, will hopefully be a catalyst for you to offer much change to my starting points that can come up with something more workable,"

So, what are your suggestions for positive change? Or, would you prefer to continue doing the same things that are obviously not working?

here’s my brain storm…get a QB that can throw a long ball. GEZZZZZZZZ

Lol 10 months later?

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Harry Reid?? He would have been fired even before
Roger Reid!

Have the honor code only apply to Church members. Let the others “live the law of the land” and keep their grades up. We do the same thing each week in all of our wards. Every Sunday school teacher or Mutual teacher is not required to hold a temple recommend…Maybe that will help us bring in some of the Bros. WY COWBOY

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Nice try. Just more socialism and Bring down people while giving others something they don’t deserve like being at BYU


Calling people socialist, or other names which YOU perceive as negative, does not do yourself the credit that you deserve. It fact, is smacks of the McCarthy era of the early 1950’s. You are too good for that.

Do you like Social Security, Workman’s compensation, Unemployment Insurance, Health Insurance,
and/or fire insurance on your home?

If there are homeless in your neighborhood because they were born mentally challenged, or for what ever reason, they were born incapable, or if they became incapable of taking care of themselves as they were not blessed with the ability to obtain skills that could get them the jobs that would provide them with housing, utilities, food, than should they just die, or should we have government support for housing, (Section 8) food stamps, or should they just die?

Perhaps, we should just let them beg for pennies, nickels, or dimes, until they get enough to do what?Maybe instead of the government getting involved, using our tax dollars, we should just make them depend on generous people like your self to give them the monthly donations for rent and utilities and the daily donations for food. I am sure that you would be very generous.

The reason that I know that you would be so generous is because of the good person that you are,
I am sure that you would be very grateful that you were among the blessed that was able to help others than those lessed blessed that needed the help of others.

I may be wrong, but I do believe that you do care and would be more than willing to help those less fortuante than yourself. I have you pegged as the “Good Samaritan” type person.

As for me, I am not nearly as good as I think that you are and therefore I prefer to have the government help those that can not help themselves. I think that I am a bit to greedy to make those daily and monthly donations. Collectively, with millions of people donating through taxes, it seems far less of a hardship than if it was just done by the few.

All of these things that we have above, called safty nets is a form of Socialism. I for one am not willing to give any of them up;


Not to mention names, but a bishop just got Ex- communicated for not agreeing with some Church decisions.

Here goes:

I wish we would stay out of politics and focus on teaching about the God Head, and Doing onto others as we would have them do onto us.

I wish that we would love and support, and live by our own beliefs, and let others love, support, and live by their beliefs.

If we want all members to live strictly by OUR honor code, than perhaps, we should limit ourselves to only our members for team sports. That would be a Tragedy . I would rather do as you suggest.

I’m gathering you don’t exactly understand socialism. Helping the needy isn’t socialism. Forcing people into a retirement program and then the government running it is and we are 100 trillion dollars in debt or the hole with it. Now, the government even taxes what they give out to those who really need it. Weird!
Socialism is Denmark and Venezuela where most of what you earn is kept by the government through taxation. 80%! Yes, free medical but limited use of it like Obamacare. Everyone but government leaders live in 800 sq. ft. homes. No incentive to get ahead and little liberty or freedom. That’s what socialism leads to. Before Trump, we were half way there. The Democrat Party is controlled now by socialists who want to destroy liberty. Go ahead and vote for them. You and others who do deserve what you will end up with. California is really in the verge of losing liberty with heavy taxation and government control over everything. Yet, the fools here keep voting for democrats because of social issues. In the end, we will lose liberty and the socialists will show their true colors by turning on the social issues.
One other thing, taxation is not donation. Donation is individual giving and deciding how much to give. Even innthe church, to be a member you don’t have to give 10%. To have a temple recommend you do. God does not force us to give. With taxation you are forced to pay up or go to jail. You are forced. No liberty whatsoever.

So, part of the student body can go around doing immoral things and nothing happen to them but the rest of the members of the Church if they get caught they get kicked out of school. Sounds like a two-tiered justice system. Just like how Hillary and all her lawbreakers and Russian collusionists get away Scott free but Trump and all his people get caught up this witch hunt two-tiered justice system. One for Hillary and Democrats and one for Trump and Republicans.
Your solution would create tribalism at BYU.

Didn’t mean for my comments to create a discussion on socialism or who is better than who. At times this attitude of being greater than others drives people away from the Church. Who are you Grasshopper do judge other peoples believes and moral standards. WYCOWBOY

You might want to check out Marion G. Romney’s talk on the United Order versus Socialism talk given at BYU in I believe 1966. It may put liberal Democrats in their place when it comes to spending other people’s money.
If someone wants to comment on socialism or even the Church welfare system then that person or persons should expect and welcome responses from opposing thoughts, ideas and beliefs. To do what you did to me is an attempt to silence me by making me feel ashamed of being a capitalist and one who opposes socialism.


Thanks for your post regarding grasshopper vs what is and what is not socialism.

I do appreciate it. We should probably drop it now as grasshopper is always right in his mind and nobody is going to change that.

I gave both of you a reference and if you think you know more than President Romney I feel sorry for you guys. You really should listen to the devotional talk.