Live Game Pep vs BYU

Pepperdine’s first foul came with 2:36 left in the first half. Was that true, how did that work? I sure like to see this game of why was that… Hope we will play better in 2nd half.

This is the most awful game I’ve seen all year. Blame the refs but BYU is simply playing awful. And Rose isn’t doing much better at coaching.

Yes you can blame the refs. The taller, dark haired ref is a very well known absolute BYU hater who also can’t stand Coach Rose. He was the one who gave Portland’s PG Wintering 17 foul shots against us last week. You saw at least 5 replays when Haws was hit HARD at the rim and none were called. And that was just Ty. That said, when we get drunk on 3’s we can look pretty stupid. KC and Chase played perhaps the worst games I’ve ever seen out of both of them, at both ends, and Anson’s insistence on jacking up those ugly 3’s was pretty hard to watch. All that said, YES you CAN put this one on the refs. We win with anything close to a fair game called.

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I have to agree as much as it pains me, WCC refs are nothing more then a Pink Floyd song. Deaf, dumb and blind.

I also have to think that several of the BYU players have not fully recovered from the flu that hit the team hard this week…KC especially looked lethargic and unable to finish at the rim.

So much for my “high hopes” (another pink Floyd song).

I have one question for Rose…why is it that BYU always leaves our over matched centers on an island when they are defending elite low post players? We all knew that Stacey would eat Kaufusi alive so where is the help? Stacey was the Waves game in the final 6 minutes and not once was there any weak side help…not once.

I think the officiating may be one “excuse” but not the reason BYU lost. A “.Rose” by any other name would be Anae. No feel for the game and what might work to combat Pepperdine’s strategy tonight. I thought his rotations and player combinations were terrible, no flow or feel to the game and what was working. Nielsen showed some aggression and effort during his 2 minutes near the end of the half and never saw the floor again. The fact that there is nothing of an inside game caught up to BYU, just like many of us have said it would.

Fisher, KC… just terrible. Our bigs on D? terrible. Why is Kaufusi playing man D 30 ft. from the basket? Once again, why is Worthington even on the team? If you isolate your observation on him during the game it is a wonder why he is even out there… terrible.

This was a disappointing game to lose but BYU didn’t deserve the win. This might be what happens to a team that wins back to back games on the road by 30… they get full of themselves. Poor effort and forcing things all night.

Wilson coached a fantastic game tonight and Pepperdine played a great game, they deserved the win tonight because BYU was just plain bad.

exactly fish… Davis ate Kaufusi alive and Bronson never got any help. I just can’t bring myself to blame the officials for what was a poorly coached game. Once BYU got down by 10 they pressed the rest of the way… from midway through the first half. Once they finally caught Pepperdine at the end they figured the Waves would roll over but they didn’t.

We have been harping about the lack of inside play on both sides of the ball and now BYU has paid the price for it… it was only a matter of time and great game preparation by Pepperdine.

Hats off to the Waves.

Amen on the refs tlarimer. The usual WCC rec-league anti BYU officials. Perhaps the worst I have seen since BYU joined the rec league, and there have been some dousies.

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How about them tackles for Pepperdine. The Wave got away with a lot of mugging tonight. How about when the ref stood right by the ball and called it off of BYU. The idiots went to the TV screen and still gave the ball to the Peps.


txcoug: "the usual wcc anti BYU official…

dew: I’m worried if they continue once our LP and the rest (Destrop/Chatman) start to play (next year thru 2019) and that we will see more nightmares when comes to wcc and conference tournament come to play.

Saw the replay from start to mid 2nd half late night and I end it there. Sick!

There were many factors that played into the loss. Health, coaching and the referees.
Health: KC was definitely hampered and not himself physically… he didn’t help things by forcing the issue at least 4 times expecting the referees to bail him out. I’m not privy to who was healthy or not, but at least one player was visibly affected by illness which played into some terrible decisions and may have affected the energy level of others which could have been reason for the slow start. Watching it at the Marriot Center, they sure did look sluggish for the first 5 or 6 minutes, especially on the defensive end.
Coaching: I don’t know why they didn’t provide help with #5, especially after he abused any defender in the first half. Rose did admit his fault on the length of the court pass/dunk. There could have been an adjustment earlier vs. their hot shooting and that should fall on the entire staff. Nielson may have been able to provide some length in the key… just start either Kaufusi or Neilson and bring Worthington off the bench.
Any coach should play to his team’s strength and right now that is a guard oriented attack. Kaufusi is showing signs of improvement, is that his efforts or the coaching staff? We don’t know.
Officiating: The scrum at the end of the first half is squarely the results of the officials. There was no valid reason that Pepperdine had no fouls until 17:30 of the first half. The Y wasn’t settling for jump shots the entire time; Haws was routinely mugged working his ways around screens, #45 was constantly grabbing, pulling, pushing any guards that were cutting across the key. The foul called on Kaufusi’s steal was a joke and should have been an intentional on Pepperdine because it was a break away dunk.
I have my own understanding how referees should act and the following actions don’t fit that mold: 1. grabbing and taunting a player such as Haws after the scrum, then taking Haws aside prior to the second half and hamming it up with him. 2. allowing a courtside fan to grab the loose ball and chuck up a three for fun and not do anything about it. 3. find it surprising that there is almost a fight because virtually nothing had been called, then calling 4 fouls within 40 seconds to ‘make it fair’. 4. in the second half when the Y was making a move, #3 got trapped and starting dancing with NO CALL of traveling and got the timeout. 5. Collinsworth grabs a rebound towards the end of the game, #25 hits him in the face, Kyle loses the ball then gets called for a foul.
Those are the ones that come readily to mind, but there were plenty of others.
All in all, it was a disappointing loss, but there is a lot of season left…hopefully they go at least 10-3 before the conference tournament.
Lastly, let’s get a basketball practice facility!

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Great post. I agree with all of your comments. I can’t get over how the dumb ref pointed out Haws after he was mauled and virtually gang tackled and he gets a lecture from the ref. Of course-no foul. Yes, and there was harm there. I have rarely seen a team of refs so out of control of the game. I suggest that the “no calls” on the Peps may well have cost BYU close to 20 potential points in game differential. No fouls called on the peps until very late in the 1st half and no foul shots for BYU at all in the 1st half. In the second half, as the out of control game got worse and BYU pressed a few fouls were called on the PEPS. I can’t wait for BYU to get out of the out of control WCC.


I don’t always agree with you, but I am right there with you on this one. Enough blame to go around and the team played completely uninspired ball - which shouldn’t happen at home - and Rose was just as off as the team.

As you stated, it was an awful performance.