LMU, keys to the win (and some alarming stats)

1 BYU won because they finally used Foooos as a primary target. 12 rebs and 18 points say, GIVE ME THE BALL!
the sad thing is Foooos twicked something in the groin area at the end of the game and those things take forever to heal.

2 BYU cannot win without Lucas, period. Since the WCC doubles Barcello, the only guy that can create shots is Lucas. 9 assists and 17 points Sure glad we had him for that game. can’t win without him.

3 George is making the most of his starting role

4 The alarming stat I see here is that Pope played the big 3 close to 40 minutes. That is a DESPARATE stat. and this was against lowly Loyola, BYU is in big trouble. I heard that we are the Smallest team in the WCC.

5 silver haired ref is def. anti BYU. joke! calls everything and anything on us under the basket, then lets LMU mug the hell out of Barcello and Lucas, just swallows the whistle.

6 LMU should be receiving the Acadamy award in the mail. Flopping, Acting is their game. Refs called every single flop, LMU guys were laughing about it in the huddle.

7 You know the WCC is piling on BYU for leaving. The LMU coach should of gotten the T at the end of regulation, had to get one at the end of OT, Whistles swallowed. Hmmmm

8 More bad news, LMU shot close to 50% from 3land, Remember the days when BYU was in the top 5 nationally at defending the 3? We gave up on Lohner in favor of George and guys just back him in and score. BYU has some real problems in our 4-5 spot. Translates into open 3s when we have to cheat down. Nothing we can do about it.

See Jim, he could have posted in the thread I already started. Enough with you pinheads…

It’s getting hard to watch these games-acid reflux

  1. Amen, brother. Feed him the rock.
  2. Amen, brother. Lucas is such a stud. Love that kid. I will add to “Since the WCC doubles Barcello,” the following: “since the WCC leadership has decided that Barcello can be hit on EVERY drive and EVERY shot without calls.” It’s shameful and embarrassing. On the replay of his last drive to the right when he shot and made that weird little baseline floater, the big guy with the mullett dropped BOTH ARMS HARD directly on AB’s shooting arm–fortunately he had released the shot a millisecond earlier. The ref was right there, but instead of calling the OBVIOUS shooting foul, he remembered that he has a league directive about AB. I don’t believe I’m being cynical here–just logical.
  3. Indeed. Get rid of the slow guys who can’t jump. They can go to Princeton. George needs major major minutes and needs to be convinced to come back next year (he’d get a free covid year for last year). George can be a true star and a 15/8 guy if Pope fully commits to him.
  4. Indeed. Desperate is desperate. No BYU team has ever fallen so far so fast, and Pope knows it.
  5. I honestly think most officials at most levels have some pride in their work (MLB excluded) and try to be honest and fair. But last night I counted SIX times that the announcers had to take MAJOR issue with non-calls against BYU (three obvious LMU flops and three obvious LMU fouls, none called). This doesn’t count the dozen or so others. Normally the announcers stay out of the officiating. But that was so blatant, so unfair, and so frankly embarrassing to the game that the announcers couldn’t ignore it. I would say those officials should be ashamed, but they are just doing what they are told. In the end it’s the WCC Commissioner who should be truly ashamed. She’s pissed at BYU, knows the meal ticket is moving on, and that BYU leaving puts big pressure on GU to leave, and her response is this. She’s a complete joke.
  6. I think the announcers were as embarrassed by the players flopping as by the officiating.
  7. See #5.
  8. Normally allowing 50% from deep is because we are defending the paint. But we got shredded for a simply unbelievable about 50 points in the paint (at one point before end of regulation they said it was 44). Just no defense at all.
    Bonus items:
  9. I still believe 100% in Coach Pope. Part of becoming a great player or coach is to overcome adversity, and this is hellfire for Pope. He sees the Big12 ready to decimate his team (I’ve posted before that we will be lucky to win half our games the first few years in the B12) and he’s having an OHSHI$ moment. This season looks like toast to me, but remember kids love Pope and I bet he gets a really good big and a solid PG out of the portal this offseason.
  10. Even with the losses coming our way, the B12 can’t happen soon enough. It was almost impossible to watch that game with BYU playing 5v8. Barcello should be shooting 10FT a game but he is officiated singularly differently than any other guard in the league.
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