LMU must have played a lot of road games so far

because they are traveling like crazy. Is it just the weak officiating in the wcc or is it an overall problem. I have seen at least 6 or 7 times that LMU could have been called for travelling and the officials don’t see it or call it.

Are you at the game? Looks like there is a lot more problems than worrying about the officials. Mika 1-9? Announcers say he’s missing at the rim? Shooting poorly and LMU shooting lights out.

Looks like I will have another conversation with myself…

That could have been the worst half, outside of the UVU game, that BYU has played this season. Mika forcing things isn’t helping, but where is the defense? Is this the same team that played Santa Clara two days ago? No desire, no intensity, no effort… does BYU even want to win the game?

LMU has hit some wide open three’s but overall they really aren’t playing that well. BYU has had ample opportunity to make this a game, so why won’t they? Even as bad as it is, the game is far from over.

Come on Cougs, get back in it and win the game. Can Rose get this team motivated to play hard for 20 minutes? because it is almost a given that LMU will give them opportunities to come back.

I am watching the game on “spectrum sports”. It is 691 on directv. The officials are not the problem, they are doing what they normally do in this league, officiate a game at a much lower level.

BYU needs to play more aggressive defense and stop trying to force things on offense. We will see if they can do that in the second half.

Apparently the only way BYU is going to get back in the game is to force it through Mika. Not a viable strategy in my opinion but that is what Rose wants to do. I don’t know, I don’t think Rose understands the concept of team basketball.

LMU providing opportunities but BYU not taking advantage yet.

I hope they can pull it out.

No discipline, no teamwork… why go back to hero ball? LMU is giving this game away and BYU is not taking it. Play smart!

LMU misses a layup, something BYU seems to want to give up on defense and then Haws follows it up with a 3. I am amazed that this game is tied.

LMU has tried to give this game away all day long and BYU is finally doing something about it.

Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good. LMU just choked away a golden opportunity to beat BYU. They will lose by 30 at the MC.

It shouldn’t be tied with 47 seconds to go.

Lucky Win for BYU, good grief! Don’t want to see another being behind in 1st half. Next game at SMC won’t be easy. We are now 2-0. If we had lost to this one then more likely 1-2 after next game.
Better get ready for the family party tonight - bye.

Well, when your big scorer, Mika, goes 4-17, and we out score them by 23 after being down by 18, we really are pretty darn good. But, this points to the other problem we’ve talked about before. Mental preparation for games is still pathetic. Especially in these small gyms.

We seem to bring out the best in teams in their small gyms. LMU’s shooting up until the very end was out of their own league. Pepperdine does it to us too. Somehow Rose has to get this team better mentally prepared.

I think we can beat SMU. We have to play better from the start. If we do, we can beat them.

I watched the game. Trust me when I say LMU did not play a good game. Anything they did was because BYU let them do it. The defense in the first half was non-existent… 47 points by LMU, and they didn’t actually look that good, is proof.

BYU can’t afford to play like this, especially when their opponent isn’t playing that well. LMU rolled over at the end and finally did what they were trying to do the entire second half… give the game away.

Fortunately, BYU decided to play defense with intensity the last 4 min of the game and Haws showed what he is capable of … and done before. Haws just killed them…lots of credit to him. Rose played good D but the ill-advised 3 from 10 feet beyond the free throw line could have been a killer.

BYU won’t beat SMU if they play like they did today. SMU won’t be so inclined to give the game away like LMU did.

I didn’t say LMU was a good team. But, like UVU, when we don’t play defense, the other team seems to make all their shots. LMU was 56% in the first half and at the 3 shot too. They played well in the first half. We didn’t. I don’t know why other teams don’t play well just because we don’t.
TJ, Emery and Childs shot well. Mika was in lala land. Lack of concentration at the rim. Beo is just not ready for prime time. Bryant will take his spot and time.
We got out boarded again. That should not happen. Especially on the offensive boards.
But, as I said before, doesn’t matter if we win by 5 or 50, the game just goes down in the books as a win :slight_smile:

Emery came up big too. Childs shot well to compensate for Mika’s lack of performance.

We would stand a good chance against SMU, bigger gym, better coach, better talent.

Unfortunately we are playing Saint Mary’s College, SMC.
And it’s on their own floor.
And they play better, individually and as a team, than the current version of the BYU Cougars.

If the game is within 20 points, at the half, I will be happy.
By Feb when they show up at the Mariott Center things will look much better.

This was Beo’s first true road game. And he’s already shown that first’s for him matter. Every minute he gets on the floor this year, especially in a win makes the team stronger later this year and even more next year with Bryant, TJ, Emery, and Beo returning to lead the way.

Hahaha… SMC

You are right. I replied with a SMU to grasshoppers post as well.

BYU dodged a bullet today because LMU choked. They won’t be able to do that very often and certainly not against the likes of Gonzaga and SMC.

We showed we can play in small gyms in the 2nd half. We just might be up by 20 at half time. I don’t expect Mika to come unprepared mentally.

LMU didn’t choke. BYU outplayed them in the second half.

and this coming from somebody who didn’t watch the game. Thanks for your worthless opinion… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: