Lohner got his release

I have to say, while I am happy he is coming to BYU, I also have some reservations about this kid.

One - He committed to Utah then backed out. That does not say much about his character.
Two - He refuses to answer questions as to why he backed out (Maybe Fish has some info?)
Three - He said he is probably not going on a mission (another character)
Four - He seems a little like “It is all about me” type personality.

Maybe I am wrong, but this kid gives me some negative vibes by what he says…

Will he have to cut his hair? (Hopefully, but hasn’t BYU relaxed hair and facial hair standards)?

I don’t like the “free agency” frenzy we now have in college sports with graduate transfers. I know we also have benefited from them, but I just don’t like the general state of things. It’s increasingly common for recruits break their commitments in general, too.

I’ve been saying that in a slightly different context, scholarships. Stay 4 years like the olden days. Get your education and make millions. A much more rounded person. If Dasiey Duke could insure her legs for a million, maybe the really top college athletes could insure from injuries. Just a thought.

1&2- Kyristo signed a top 20 class and now they are headed out in all directions…Hmmm, sounds like this is a Coaching problem, not a kid problem.
3, Jimmer did not serve, nor Steve Young. His father played for BYU, that would be why he chose BYU? As for the Mish… don’t know, don’t care.
4, Show me a teenager that isn’t all about me…In truth, I do wonder if he will be a good fit for team 1st BYU but every talented kid thinks they will play pro ball and School is way back in the brain.

I’m with you 1-3. #4, who comes to BYU to get in the pros? I think you sell the academics and social part of BYU.

I had 4 of them… not to brag or anything but none of the 4 was ever about himself.

He is a throw back Jerry Sloan type coach… the players today can’t handle a hard nosed coach who wants to play that way.

I had the same comment about them, when they played. I think they should have served, but I know it is up to the individual and their revelations of what is right for them.

True… but this kid seems to have more than the normal “What about me” attitude.

Danny Ainge didn’t serve either and he’s a Stake President. My Brother in Law didn’t either and he died as he was a temple worker. His BYU religion teacher asked him to say a prayer in class. But asked him where he served first. When he said he didn’t the teacher said he wanted someone else to give the prayer. So, my Brother in law responded “I got married in the temple.” The teacher repented.

When I joined the church, “Our Prophet” Spencer W. Kimball said “Every worthy young man should serve a mission”.

No place in that statement does it say “except for (whatever reason)”. I followed the prophet words, I went on a mission against my family wishes and was basically disowned for it (now since reconciled).

I am not judging other people decision, that is between them and the Lord, not me. I believe everyone has the right to choose what and how they believe. I do not have believe or even like it, but it is their decision.

I know return missionaries who are no longer active and people who never went on missions becoming bishops and stake presidents. So it really is not about going on a mission, but rather a perspective of obedience.

I do know that Steve Young talked to some GA’s about going on a mission and was told that he could do some good service in NFL (at least that is what I was told by a friend of Young’s)

Donnie Osmond was told the same thing. Other famous singers these days (Archuleta (spelling)) went on a mission. I believe when my Brother-in-Law got married in the temple, that was inspired by the Holy Ghost and so does he. “Every” is the same as “All.” It doesn’t always mean 100%. I worked as a custodian at the MTC. After observing the missionaries and what some left in their rooms, not every young man should go on a mission. Some will need years and decades before being ready :thinking: But, every man should prepare if possible. I didn’t know what a Missionary was until I was engaged and then I wasn’t ready to convert and leave my foxy fiancée for 2 years. Her aunt tried to talk me into a mission to try and scare me away. So, was I disobedient? Was my brother in law disobedient? I love how you talk about how you don’t judge and then puff yourself up and dist many who just might have been inspired otherwise.

I don’t think Floyd was doing that at all. He only mentioned that the prophet said “every worthy young man should serve a mission” which is true. That is what he said. No need to get defensive because you didn’t. My dad didn’t serve a mission either but he was still a good man, bishop for over 10 years and stake presidency too. We all just try to do our best hopefully…

Do you feel dissed now? :laughing:

I do not remember that he said every worthy young man. He just said every young man should serve hoping they would work towards serving.

His words spoke for himself. And, my brother in law was worthy enough to enter the temple. I’m saying people pray and some get an answer for them. Floyd made it sound that he is more obedient.

Regarding the specific topic of serving a mission I think he was. Nothing wrong with that excepting the fact that you seem to have a problem with it. I agree with Floyd and his decision to serve a mission. In addition to being obedient he made a huge sacrifice doing so.

I was asked a few years ago, “Should every young man who is a member of the Church fill a mission?” And I responded with the answer the Lord has given: “Yes, every worthy young man should fill a mission.” The Lord expects it of him. And if he is not now worthy to fill a mission, then he should start at once to qualify himself. Spencer W. Kimball

Copied and pasted the quote directly from his talk in May 1981.

Hopefully that clears some of the cobwebs clogging your memory. I am in Floyd’s camp on this one. I am not saying it wasn’t okay if a young man didn’t serve but if you followed the counsel of a prophet who said “the Lord expects it of him” then you did everything you could to do it. You can spin it any way you want but the direction is pretty clear.

That’s not the problem. Like many, it’s believed they are more worthy too. And that’s what I’m disagreeing with.

Did you put your dancing shoes on? Just admit what you said was in error and let’s move on.

It’s a sign of character to acknowledge the error of your ways on occasion.

Floyd was right.

So he finally signed.
He’ll be onboard.

Players who at least one of the recruit raters gave a four star:
Wyatt Lowell
Kolby Lee
Gavin Baxter
Jesse Wade
Connor Harding
Caleb Lohner

And that’s not a bad start
other’s may be even better
Richard Harwood
Trevin Knell
Brandon Averette
Gideon George
Spencer Johnson
Hunter Erickson

Practice ought to be as difficult as some games…