Long on name recognition, short on experience

the summation by Doug Robinson in the Deseret News of the new BYU coaching staff.
Holmoe partially addressed the issue when he said he’s known some high school coaches who except for networks and opportunities could be coaching in the NFL.

If I were a betting man, I’d bet that the major reason Niumatalolo didn’t accept the job was that the budget for the coaching staff was insufficient.
I suspect that a major part of the reason the staff is short on experience and long on BYU ties is that short on experience and long on BYU ties are the best that can be hired on the budget. Long on experience means more expensive. Gone are the days when Lavell could hire some of the best innovators for competitive wages. The money available in the big leagues of college ball is just so much more and much of that money is going to the assistants. Certainly the number of coaches who followed Bronco to Virginia who are being paid much more than they were at BYU indicates the problem.

Agree. Most of these guys were probably making $50k - $75k/yr in various jobs but now are making $100k - $200k at BYU. So this is a great move for them. Whether or not it’s good for BYU is tbd. The key hire is Ty Detmer. I think he’ll be fantastic. I’m already excited for this coming season, and it’s been a few years since I felt that way under the Boringco Mendenhall run.

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I’m happy that he didn’t take the job. The coaching staff asembled is awesome! The recruits today prove it! Long live the status quo but good riddance to the status quo. This is a new great day at BYU!

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Materialism and greed does things to a person… things that aren’t, for the most part, very good.

One thing I heard that turned him off was that Holmoe asked him to change his offensive scheme to a passing one… That did not set well with him…

I don’t think $$$$ is always a reason for person to turn down a position, from what I hear Niumatalolo did do diligence and prayed for an answer…

Who are we to question a man’s answer to his prayers?

I didn’t mean they weren’t going to pay him enough. I meant that the the AD didn’t have a budget to afford the quality of assistance he is used to having. Wanting good quality assistance is not a matter of greed it is a matter of how effective the job will get done. The weakest link in the team, viewing the coaches as a team, becomes the weak link that can keep the team from getting the job done.
Unlike Bronco, who clearly had a larger budget so he could bring essentially anybody on his staff with with. Coach Lolo likely would have had to ask virtually every one on his staff to take a pay cut. A cut in his own pay would not have been an issue. But a major cut in budget like Holmoe undoubtedly asked him to take would have been extremely difficult to deal with. One definitely requiring a prayerful decision on top of everything else.
Sitake being a BYU alum and having spent his whole coaching career in the west had a network of folks he could ask to take less than market pay. Coach Niumatalolo coached in the west only as a new coach in Hawaii and two or three years under Robinson at UNLV.
For the budget available BYU has got a good coaching staff. Only time will tell whether the budget is sufficient to get beyond the wall that Coach Edwards faced in his last decade or so, that hurt Crowton, and burned out Mendenhall. That Mendenhall did as well as he did for as long as he did was truly remarkable. I expect he’ll do much better at Virginia simply the barriers to success are so much lower.

In hind sight, Niumatalolo would not have been even close to what we got here at BYU. Niuma would have been a high moral guy but I doubt that Detmer would have come, I doubt that BYU would have moved the recruiting bar any higher then what we got from Bronco. Would Lamb have come? don’t know.

But to have Sitake, Detmer and Lamb here working together (Each could be the HC anywhere) to me is just amazing.

It’s okay Harold, most of my comments are lost on everyone lately. I knew what I was trying to say when I said it but I don’t really know right now and it isn’t that big a deal anyway.

Has anyone ever had that feeling like they are losing touch with the people around them and society in general?

That is about where I am presently… the best thing to do is just imagine I never wrote it.

Don’t forget about Steve Clark. I was hoping he would have been offered the O.C. job 3 years ago. The guy is an offensive wizard. Just having the guy on staff is a big step up for byu. He and Lamb will be great for Detmer behind the scenes too. I couldn’t be happier with the coaches byu has on board. Let the winning begin!!

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I think for at least the short term, Clark will be in the box calling the plays to Detmer on the field, Clark has experience as OC and calling plays, this allows Ty move more easily towards being an OC…

just a thought, not based on anything I heard.

Wonder what happened to ol Jim Hawks. He hasn’t been on the board for a long time. . . . . . . . :grinning:

Exactly what I was thinking Floyd. Clark is the real coaching talent amongst this coaching staff. Experience wise tlater least. The job he’s done at Southern Utah is nothing short of spectacular.

IMO The combination of these coaches is truly awesome. Lamb is great too. Hopefully byu will be able to keep these guys in Provo for awhile.