Looking at Arkansas game

This from the Arkansas HC regarding his strategy vs Jaren Hall: “We are going to have to pressure him because I believe he will pick us apart if we don’t,” Pittman said. “We are going to have to stop the run and then we’ve got to pressure him.”

Novel concept for BYU fans. But in the SEC you don’t sit on your heels and wait for your opponent to beat you with death by 1000 cuts.

I think the pressure is off BYU now. They need a statement game. I think offense will finally click again. TONS of receiving yardage (420+ yards). Defense will do as well as they can, but if they get super aggressive (i.e, have much better schemes) they might limit the hogs to a few (2-3)big plays

I’m going with BYU 48 Hogs 30. This game is a big deal. They’ll be ready. Pride is a motivator.

wowza, 48 on a SEC team. Ark is not a great defense, but they better athletes everyone to date except ND and Baylor. got 20 and 26 from our offense in those games.

Would love it if Hall is healthy and makes those passes. 120 in the ND game was a low point for our season. Need 300+
34-31 BYU

Yeah, realize my prediction is aggressive. So I view most things in life (outcomes, truth of what people say etc.) as a bell-shaped curve. In this game, my 48 / 30 is probably a bit far on the left side of the curve (20-30% chance). BUT, sometimes it all comes together. IF they have the right offensive and defensive schemes. That means pass your “tail” (being nice since after conference) off and go crazy trying to put pressure on the QB. Make it a shoot-out if you have to.

I think this is the game where it starts to unravel for BYU. Tui won’t be able to stop Ark running game and will not be able to put pressure on the QB. The BYU offense is not performing well and I look for Ark to put a stop to the run. Ark 34 and BYU 17. I think game will signal the end of the BYU defensive scheme and changes will be made.

Maybe BYU is who they have always been. Good enough to beat any of the mid majors, but not good enough to beat the best ones all of the time and not good enough to beat the best P5 teams hardly ever, but good enough to beat middle of the road, and slightly better than middle of the road, P5 teams about half the time, and the weak ones most of the time. If that is what BYU is this year in terms of talent I would say they are about where we should expect them to be at this point in the season and shouldn’t be too surprised if they lose 2-3 more games.

All the non P5 teams left on the BYU schedule should be wins, however, BYU, in recent years has lost a number of those types of games. Stanford appears to be a somewhat weak P5 team, but BYU has lost to plenty of those type of teams over the years. Unless BYU shows me something different on a consistent basis I would say they are just a good mid major right now. They beat 6 P5 teams last year but that was an aberration. I hope they prove me wrong but maybe they have taken a step back from last year.

Maybe they start thinking they are better than they are. They return more production from last year than any team in the country, but I don’t see any improvement and we are halfway through the season.