Looking more like one and done

First Half

  1. 2-10 from 3’s
  2. Only 2 assists
  3. 3-6 FT
  4. 7 turnovers
  5. UCLA is hot and getting open shots

Those seven seniors would have beaten UCLA but oh well try again next year.
G George will be better and Knell will be fun to watch and Lohner will shoot better. And coaching staff will find more quality players at the transfer portal.
And next season we will see all our cougar fans everywhere in football stadium and basketball arenas goodbye covid restrictions

Do any of the seniors come back? They can. Haarms should.
Where was Knell tonight? We needed shooting. 3-17 from 3’s. 9-16 FTs. That’s where we lost. We couldn’t stay up with their scoring.
I hate our offense. We never change the offense to offset the outside pressure like Gonzaga does. Like UCLA did tonight.

UCLA wqas more athletic and quicker. Talent usually wins.

I’ve had this conversation too much about being “more “ athletic and not winning. Nonsense. 3-17 three point shooting will lose every time. Even with a good defense. Add to that poor free throw shooting. Add to that moving screens all 1st half that were OT called on UCLA. There feet were always moving.

Watch UCLA’s offense (minus the moving screens) and compare it with Gonzaga’s. There’s a purpose to every movement on offense. They free up shooters for open shots including midrange shots when pressured outside. Our offense just runs around passing the ball like the Globetrotters on the perimeter, dribbling a bunch and what ever.

We go 6-17 threes and 12-16 FT we have a good chance to win. Why we struggle with 1st round games is puzzling.

BYU’s shooting was poor and that could be attributed in part to an 11 day layoff. I have watched UCLA a few times this year and they are a good team but were very beatable but BYU didn’t play well. UCLA plays decent defense but that isn’t what beat BYU. BYU didn’t shoot as well as they usually do. UCLA was routed by San Diego St. this year and BYU beat San Diego St on the road. Pepperdine should have beaten UCLA. They had the last shot in regulation and in the first overtime and UCLA beat them in the 2nd or third OT. UCLA is a good but not great team. It is not like BYU just got overwhelmed by superior talent they lost to a team that played well when they didn’t play especially well. It happens. Hopefully BYU can win a few NCAA tournament games before I die.

This is a weird start to the tournament. Loyola of Chicago beat Illinois a number 1 seed.
I just didn’t like what happened to Knell. Scores 20 against Gonzaga and benched. We needed him for shooting.

It just goes to show that the Big Ten is overrated just as I have stated in several posts. Too bad BYU didn’t show up last night. They had a golden opportunity to make a run this year with Abilene Christian beating Texas. Now it looks like a mid level Pac 12 team (UCLA) is going to make a deep run.

I love the upsets and hope they continue. I just hope Gonzaga is the exception and doesn’t get upset. I want them to win it all and shove it down the throats of the P5 teams.