Looks like Bronco is getting back into the game

Bronco Mendenhall Reportedly Near Return To Head Coaching (kslsports.com)


New Mexico hires Bronco Mendenhall as its new football coach | KSL.com

I’m happy for Bronco. UNM is where he really got his “start” by utilizing the 3-3-5 with Brian Urlacher in the middle that catapulted him to become a high level D1 coach.

It’s also a place where he can build a program - he’s good at that and in 3-5 years can come back to BYU if Sitaki does not progress (keeps favoring bad coaches, doesn’t improve recruiting, blames players for losses, is ok with a pass play at first and 2 - tweaking Hopper ). This gives Homoe a free option that he can use later if he wants and puts pressure - rightly - on Sitaki.

Ya, I’m sure that’s what Holmo and Sitaki are thinking Good laugh.

Don’t think it hasn’t crossed their mind even if in passing and unlikely. An AD better always be thinking ahead.

I think they are more thinking about “How can we get Jay Hill as HC?”… :open_mouth:

That’s the first option if Sataki doesn’t progress this team. And I hope he can.

Is Hill even a member of the Church?

He and his wife are “Card carrying” members.

You should see the Dark Blue tape they did on him. Very humble and has a lot of faith because of the experience he had with his wife cancer treatment.

Hill is a rock star. He’s the perfect BYU HC kind of guy. I’m wishing Bronco only the best at UNM. Bronco put A LOT of defensive players into the league who have been REALLY GOOD NFL players, and others who had they been healthy (Jordan Pendleton and Bronson Kaufusi immediately come to mind) would likely have been productive NFL players but were still DOMINANT when they were on the field for BYU. That defensive dominance feels like a distant memory now–because IT IS A DISTANT MEMORY. I think Hill will be up to the challenge.