Looks like the Cougars got some help

COMPLETE NONSENSE. There is no reason backups can’t learn the playbook too. You make it sound like BYU has some complicated defense that only their first string knows how to utilize. Tuiaki’s defense is so complicated that only the first string knows how to play it.

That is complete nonsense.

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Have you ever coached? You can’t run as complicated offenses and defenses with less skilled and experienced players. It’s as simple as that. There’s a reason players are 1st stringers. Sometimes there isn’t a big fall off. Most of the time there is.

Learning the playbook and performing at the same level is completely different. Never coached before.
Why are the Jets so bad? The level of players and what they can do on the field.

You are so wrong in that belief it isn’t even debatable. It is all about the organization, from top to bottom, and the coaching. The skill level of players is a contributing factor but the system, the way the organization is run, etc. are WAY more important. You think Mac Jones is some awesome QB? Not really… he just plays for the Patriots instead of the Jets.

It’s comical the way you always revert back to your days of coaching JV basketball 30 years ago as some sort of badge of excellence… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

No Jim. It’s the higher ups who bring the lesser skilled players to the field and the coaches have to figure out what they can do with them. After assessment, they put together the offense and defense based on their abilities to learn and perform. The higher ability learn and perform the better defenses and offenses they can run. When the starters are injured and many second stringers you cannot run everything the same. If this is too high above your understanding let us know.

I have no issue understanding the nonsense and baiting you are attempting, I just don’t agree with it. If you think Tuiaki put together a defense based on the players he had and their ability to learn and perform you are nuts. He has a philosophy and he sticks to it, regardless of who he has playing.


I will not engage on this particular topic anymore. You are casting bait again and I’m not taking it.

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Once again, you dismiss the facts. The first 3 games our defense did not run the 3-8 much at all. Only when we lost our LBs, DBs and a couple of starting linemen did he go back to the 3-8 more. We stopped mixing up the defenses as much because the players could not run it as well as needed.
My best team won the league 11-1. We beat Simi Valley and held Rio Mesa to a 5 point lead until the last minute when we had to foul and lost by 11. They had 5 players on their freshman team that dunked during warmups. How did we do it? I was 8 deep with talent and the smartest group of kids in 10 years of head coach of the team. We did multiple defenses and offenses that completely confused teams. But, when I tried it in other years, the kids could not run properly no matter how hard we tried. The skill and the smarts just wasn’t there. You have to develop your games with the personnel you have. When the ability drops off you have to adjust. Why you can’t grasp this I just don’t understand.

Yes, Scott i have coached…
That is why you have practices. You help every team member to know thier assignments.

If the 2nd or 3 stringer does not know the plays and how to run them, that is on the coaches.

All schemes have the same basic fundamentals to them.

Drop 8 eight is the easiest to run…

Do you understand football?

The JETS are bad because:
A. The new schemes are just that new as in the first year of implementation. Kalani system has been in place for 6 years.

B. They brought in a bunch of new players as well as drafted players. So they have to learn to play together which takes time. Kalani has his younger player for at least one ye a r on the scout team and playing as backup.

C. The organization as a whole is pretty new. Prior to that was the worst in the NFL.

They may know the playbook but that doesn’t mean they can run the more complicated plays well enough to use them. You have to find different ways to put players in positions to do the best they can.
We want more pass rushing and blitzing. But that requires DBs who can defend one on one. That takes experience as well as agility, quickness and speed. If we are deep, then bringing in 2nd and 3rd stringers may not hurt the defense. But, in our case, it did and we had to back off the 4 and 5 on the line with some blitzing and go back to the 3-8. If it was so easy as a coach everyone would be coaching at the D1 level and the NFL

Nonsense! It’s all about the level of players and how deep you go. Teams change schemes every year based on their roster. Pope is having to change up his offense and defense because of the loss of key players. He has to do more simple things now that they can handle.

I skipped everything right after about 20th posts when I realized that I am reading a lot of nonsense stuff from Scott.

Are you guys crazy to take his baits??? I don’t think he ever coached DC football. And no Scott I never coach sports ever but second string and beyond and dropping 3–8 format after the third game of the season was boring!!!
That second quarter 28 points from Virginia was insane!!!

Reading Scott’s responses is like putting a blonde in a round room and telling her that there is a bag of coins in the corner.

The spinning goes on and on and on and on… Fun watching him try to justify his theories.

I will take winning over boring any day of the week the game is played. With less experienced and skilled players, it’s just not possible to play the same schemes and win. I don’t like the 3-8 either. Seems like we get lazy or lost in it as well. But, bend don’t break win us games.

May I make an analogy. I have people I know who go to a church where they have bands playing. They can stand, waive their hands, yell out and when given the signal start speaking in jibe rush and roll on the ground. They tell me it’s fun and exciting. Not boring.
I tell them they are great people and friends. But, their works lack the faith to be able to receive the Priesthood Ordinances to enter through the veil. They aren’t feeling and listening to the still small voice of the Holy Ghost because they are too loud and out of control listening to their own voices. I’ll take what seems to be boring church services over the fun and excitement of Evangelical jibbierish.

Hemuli highlights
Benjamin Criddle on Twitter: “Hungry? Eat some @HHeimuli :pancakes: for breakfast. :drooling_face: Sheeeeeesh We need more @x_hems! When will the next highlights drop? https://t.co/MOGPMz0yny” / Twitter

Brooks from Cal was on SN today. He’s a real bruiser that will gain us yards on the ground and in the air. Heimuli, Brooks and McChesney are going to be tuff to stop. And if there are injuries we are pretty deep at runningbacks.

Good, because we all know how important it is to know how to run all those complicated plays that the second and third string have no clue about… :rofl:

I lied about not engaging on this topic. You make it too easy to expose your nonsense.

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Why are they 2nd and 3rd string? Because they don’t know and aren’t capable of running those complicated plays. So, when they come in, they have less complicated plays of basics for them to run. You make this too easy to expose your lack of wisdom on this subject :confused: