Looks like the Pope is the

Antithesis of the real Prophet of God pulling that Church against liberty and freedom. The counterfeit. The Pope says a new world political movement against capitalism is needed. Which means Society under authoritarian rule. Unbelievable to think a leader of a Christian Church is against liberty and freedom of will.

Yep, the leader of a billion catholics is leading them astray.

Food for thought:

“Anger is the way to division and enmity, We move toward loving our adversaries when we avoid anger and hostility toward those with whom we disagree. It also helps if we are even willing to learn from them."
President Dallin H. Oaks

“People who love mercy are not judgmental. They manifest compassion for others … These individuals treat everyone with love and understanding, regardless of characteristics such as race, gender, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and tribal, clan or national differences. These are superseded by Christlike love.”
Elder Dale G. Renlund

I’ll just point out that President Oaks stated his displeasure of those anarchists who are violent in the cities. Was he being contentious? I would say yes. But, I would also say he was doing so without anger. And that’s the difference of disagreeing and having a different belief and point of view. If we contend with anger then contention is of the devil. I thought Oaks made that quite clear.