Loss of a great man

Elder Ballard passed away this week, I will always remember his talks about history of the church and how we can all become better saints.

When is the funeral service for President M. Russell Ballard? - Deseret News

Was privileged to meet him a couple of times in person. Always warm and genuine with people. The last time I met with him was when he came to the Spanish ward I am assigned too (Inner city mission). He spoke about how his grandfather dedicated Chile to preaching of the gospel and how much he loves the Latino people.

What was kind of funny was that he showed up when the bishop’s daughter was giving her farewell talk before going to Chile on her mission.

How would you like to give a talk in front of a General Authority without having any warning? She did great, and Elder Ballard met with her aside after the meeting to give her words of encouragement.

What a great man he was.

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My mother and Barbara Ballard were very good friends. Barbara threw my mom’s bridal shower. Amazingly there was an article with a photo about the shower in the Desnews…must have been a slow news day. My parents never lived close to the Ballards after they got married, but 47 years later when my mom passed away, the Ballards called and sent flowers. I couldn’t believe they would have the time to do something like that for a friend from so long ago, but it sure told me a lot about them as people. When Elder Ballard would speak at conference, mom would say “I never saw two kids more in love than Russ and Barb.” I’m happy for him that he can now be with her again.