Lot of talk about the Grad Transfer in camp

It seems we have picked up a couple of really nice RB’s with the grad transfer. With the Utah game being what 17 days away, I sure hope we have a good offense. Defense, I think will be better than last year.

Who knows… I am tired of listening to Utah fans boast about the “streak”…

On a side note: I heard the AD at Utah say that he felt the BYU/Utah rivalry game was important and should be played every year unless circumstances makes it not possible. (meaning that if Utah has a chance to play a Alabama or Clemson type school, they would work with BYU to see if they could skip that year)

Floyd, I am pretty comfortable with the offense. Significant progress has been made there. QB status is great and RB Corp is good. The defense is my worry. Very difficult to replace Corbin and Takitaki! Our DC is the weak link in our coaching chain. If we can’t get a pass rush we will have a difficult time winning big games vs P5 teams. D is the key.

Overall I am happy with the programs direction and I think they will surprise on the upside a little this year. Maybe we win 8 games.

I am looking forward to this year with those two grad transfer players so far. Are we going to see multi plays with half running & half throwing game? Thawk: it will be hard that we no longer have Corbin K and Sione Takitaki (sp?) not in our program anymore. But I am sure our current D’s players will do fine.

We have read one article (DN) about this Utah AD where he was AD at USF for quite some time. He said Florida, FSU and Miami always play each other EFERY YEAR which is good. He believes both BYU & Utah should do the same, play EVERY YEAR! I don’t see that he will let it happen if they add Bama, Michigan, etc and drop BYU. But, it could happen if they can’t get it to work out their schedule.

I still don’t understand why BYU have to play Utah every year in early Sept. ND and USC play each other in November and same with ND/Stanford.

My worry is the DBs and all the injuries to a once strong part of our defense. We are really dinged up there with our best players iffy at best.

I also agree on the pass rush. We had few sacks last season and don’t expect to see a lot of change there as well with news of injuries. Remember Langi? He retired, just too much tear on his legs.

Safety/DB McChesney (sp?) who played for us a couple of year ago also walked away from football (knees I think).

Isn’t that like 4 players gone now?

I think the Kaufusi brother (Devin I think) will fill his brothers spot as Bull rush well. At least from what I hear he is the best of the Kaufusi boys… But time will tell.

So many “concerns”, with 16 days until Utah, I am a little nervous.

The Oline sounds like it’s 2 deep, maybe 3 deep. QB is solid depending on the arm, WR will be much better. TEs are great. And our RBs may be our best weapon.

To be honest, I only worry about the DBs and Utah never throws much so I’m ready for this Utah game to happen.

It will be interesting because on Sports on Sunday, they mentioned that Utah now has two people who are legit deep threats (Covey and Jaylen Dixon)… but who knows.

They always talk about the QB and receivers. Its all hype because Witt will never waiver from the run game and his beloved defense…just ask 20 OCs in 20 years. hahahaha

Um, sound familiar last name name. Does he have a dad or uncle played back in some 20-30 years ago?

Yes, their new OC is a retread…
From what I am understanding they are going to use the pass to set up the run…