Low point in America

FBI is now on the take as they refuse to suggest criminal trial for Hillary Clinton. Lynch meets with Bill Clinton. Lynch says that wasn’t a good idea and won’t do it again. FBI meets with Hillary. FBI says no crime committed just bad judgment. Lacks ability to understand only general intent is needed to put on trial. Doesn’t matter if Hillary didn’t intend to break the rules/law/regulations (she lied about that). Then, at our expense, Obama puts her on Air Farce One and flies her to a campaign rally. Corruption to the highest degree and people will still vote for her. Either by directly voting for her or not voting for Trump. We are living out the Book of Mormon warnings.

Gadianton Robbers all.

Yep! Murder in their hearts and now actions…

I am putting these comments in this thread because it sort of applies to the concerns and things I see going on in this world. Things that others don’t seem to see or care about.

First, I just noticed that Notre Dame is playing Texas on Sunday… why?

Second, my youngest son goes to a catholic prep school and when I went to back to school night, we started out the evening with prayers to a variety of saints and then recited the pledge of allegiance.

The pledge went like this - “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic, for which it stands, one nation, indivisible with liberty and justice for all”. I was honestly startled and a bit taken aback when the person reciting the pledge over the PA system, distinctly omitted the phrase “under God”…

I’m not sure why it happened. I said something about it in the classroom we were in at the time and got no response from other parents. The parents near me… nothing. I have emailed the headmaster but have not received a response.

These kinds of things are warning signs and red flags in my opinion…

I fear greatly for the direction this country is choosing to follow.

Is that Villanova? Send him to St. Bonny :slight_smile:

Signs of the times. Don’t want to offend all those foreigners that go there with God. Even if it’s a religious school.

Interesting that a private school would omit that. The high school I work at does the pledge a few days a week when we have announcements and the “under god” part is in it. To be honest the pledge seems more of a bother for most of my students. Most do it, but they go through the motions. I would like to think it would be different but most adults don’t say the pledge in their daily lives and most don’t read the constitution once a decade so I know why teens don’t care much.

Then we should be the examples. Teach children in their youth God and patriotism. Just like the army of Helaman.
I remember my Sr. Yr. government class teacher on the first day. We stood and mumbled through the pledge. At the end, he raised his voice in disgust and said “I would feel unAmerican if I couldn’t say the pledge with feeling and pride!” Never forgot.

Unbelievable in a school run by a religious institution. Where is the leadership?

SG, I went to public school through high school. We said the pledge of allegiance every day in elementary school, and at every assembly in junior high and high school. And that was in Portland, Oregon. Oh, how times have changed. The liberal hold on public schools is strangling the concept of patriotism. The pledge ties us together as Americans. Why is it being ignored in the schools?

Probably don’t want to be insensitive to JWs and Muslims.

I’m sure that is what is going on. I am still going to talk and ask questions until I find an answer.

This entire country is being manipulated and controlled by a few small, special interest groups.

It’s a shame…

Wow, that’s the old pledge prior to the insertion of ‘under god’ back in 1954. It hasn’t been changed since, so I wonder what the heck is going on.

Jim: From what I see and know of many of my American Catholic friends is that they really don’t look at their church doctrine as spiritual, but more in a social sense. As per the pledge of allegiance, many of them don’t see the USA as an inspired creation. Liberalism has taken over the American Catholic Church and many of them are what I call secular Catholics in order to be in line with the liberal doctrines as secular socialism, pro-choice involving life and other liberal doctrines which attract those who want to stay with the American Catholic Church. There are some zealots who believe in a spiritual doctrine, but there is a real mixture of the zealots and seculars in the American Catholic Church.

As I said, the influence of the secular socialist left in the American Catholic Church.