Loyola Marymount, @ LMU

LMU had their worst game of the year, losing to Pacific on the road. chalk it up to 2 factors: Their best player, Point Guard, Shelton, fouled out and LMU hit only 4-25 from 3land.

My favorite player in the WCC, 6-6 Sr. Leaupepe or in our case, L-Pepe, aka. world’s best mullet. (Appears that he shaved it off, maybe lost some superpowers with it)

LMU’s best win was over a fairly good Nevada team, otherwise, they have not played a tough schedule.

1 It’s a road game where 3s tend to fall for the home team. adv. LMU

2 LMU has a Sr. point guard, Cam Shelton, averages over 20 ppg, along with 4.4 apg. Had an abismal pacitic game, he is the key to a win. I’d put Johnson on him all night. Adv. LMU

3 We tend to suck at 3s on the road, limit the 3s and drive the ball in, draw fouls. Tossup.

4 Can LMU slow down Foos? If they double, Foos has been a TO machine. Adv. BYU

5 Will George follow up his best game this year with back to back games? Adv BYU

6 BYU should win the Rebound war, Big advantage BYU.

7 LMU has a better offense, worse defense. Tossup

8 The game will be determined on TOs and 3s. Big advantage LMU

9 On paper, LMU is favored by 6 points, at their house. BYU lacks a star finisher.
I’ll say first one to 70 points wins.

Happy New Year’s! Good breakdown. I thing Pope will work hard with Foos on passing out of the double team. And, have an offense that will be ready for it after 7 turnovers from Foos.