Luke seems like a good guy

I don’t think Toolson would have played a lot if he had stayed. BYU is always guard heavy. I think Emery, Haws, Harding, Hardnett are all better than he is. Chatman could have really contributed big if given the opportunity, I think the same goes for Dastrup, We’ll see what Dastrup does at Oregon St. and then decide if he was a big loss. I think he was a big loss but we won’t know for sure until we see how he performs at OSU. We know what Chatman could have done because he played big time in the ACC.

Dastrup’s antics on the bench may have annoyed the coaches and given them the impression he wasn’t serious. He was serious on the court when he played and that is all that counts.

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I understand the perspective but I dont necessarily agree with it. I think Dastrup demonstrated an ability to contribute numerous times last season. That is the reason why so many fans were puzzled by his lack of playing time, especially when BYU “underperformed” by most standards. Who knows how he will fit into Oregon States system or if the coach will recognize his ability to contribute. It was obvoius that Rose did not even when it was clear to many fans and basketball people.

Preach!. Chatman has already proved who he was and BYU would have been a dance team with him last year. Just how many games did we lose because Seljaas could not hit a game winner or poor 3 point shooting.

Rose just did not look into his crystal ball for this year. He thought he would have Bry back and all would be good. Now we have a good team with a glaring piece missing…….a center. Hmmmmm, With Dastrup, BYU would be at 1 loss this season and being talked about nationally. Few teams could have handled Childs/Dastrup on the court at the same time. Think about this: Dastrup had above a 40% shot from long range. A team with Haws, Seljaas, Harding, Childs and Dastrup, all can hit a 3 and nobody would be dumb enough to double team Childs.

UVU has a larger student body than BYU. It has the largest student body of any school in Utah, according to UVU President Oaks.