Luke seems like a good guy

but he really has no business playing D-1 basketball, unless it is for some obscure program with no chance to make the ncaa tourney and desperately lacks a big man.

Oh wait, that is exactly what he is doing right now, haha.

That was cold. He’s at least a great practice player so the team can practice 5 on 5. Everyone has their self worth. I know it isn’t to please the peanut gallery :peanuts:

Yeah, but did you listen to the entire interview? A lot on Emery. On the Utah game and why BYU played lock down defense on USU…….Players on meeting, as in, Rose you are not invited.

See, even the players are getting tired of Rose no defense bball.

I think if you are going to go anywhere this season, you have to do it without Rose as the coach.

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Luke played to the interview and tried to say all the right things and present it in a way that made it seem like he was an important part of the team. Like what is he supposed to do, being a team captain and all.

I think Rose has been so infatuated with Luke’s “effort” that he isn’t able to see that the guy has no real basketball skill set. His moves are predictable (he only has one or two) and his out of control style causes a lot of problems for his teammates. He gets owned down low by the opponent’s big man, regardless of their skill level and is a liability on both ends of the court.

Like I said, a good guy but certainly not a D-1 level basketball player.

But, did okay today. He has his moments.

If Rose was more about seeing the future and taking the team to some meaningful post season games, he would have done something about how Dastrup was handled last season and recognized that if the team were to go anywhere this season, Payton would have been an important part of it.

He blew that one big time.

Yoeli is great but he can’t carry the team like Jimmer did… and that is what Rose has been searching for the past 6 or 7 years since Jimmer left. The LP3 flopped big time but he keeps searching for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…

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LP3 is not a bust, not by a long shot. TJ would be coveted by any MWC or WCC team, His numbers are all conference worthy. Emery seems to have matured and don’t forget that it was because of LP3 that we signed Childs. Admit that and I will drop it.

Rose hated on Dastrup so he left. I just wonder how good BYU would be with Dastrup/Childs on the floor together. Uhhhh

So far Yolie is carrying the team. Dastrup could not carry the team. Too lazy. Dastrup is gone and I haven’t heard a thing about him. Where did he go?

Don’t know. That’s assuming Dastrup worked hard and got better. He was definitely better than Worthington except in the team concept. Where is Dastrup? Haven’t heard a thing.

I will put in my 2 cents on a number of things discussed on this thread.

  1. Losing Dastrup was a shame and shame on Rose for losing him. To answer hopper, Dastrup went to Oregon St. but he has to sit a year before he can play. I hope he does well.

  2. If Mika hadn’t left 2 years early I think nobody would be complaining about the LP3. Imagine both Childs and Mika in the lineup. Everything about this year would be radically different. Maybe they would be 10-1 or 11-0 instead of 7-4, but he left so it doesn’t matter.

  3. Worthington played well in his 9 minutes against the U 4 points 3 rebounds. If he could do that every game against everybody nobody would complain. From what I could see he didn’t hurt the Y against the U. I don’t have a problem with him generally playing 5 minutes or less to give Yoeli some rest. Limit his time to 2-3 short segments of 1-2 minutes a game just to rest a starter and eat up some fouls and that should be his role and in that context he can contribute.
    He is a team captain so that says something good about him. Who decides who the captains are? Does the team vote on it? If the team votes on it them he must be doing something positive.

  4. Utah isn’t very good this year but it is always a big deal to beat them in football or basketball.

  5. I liked the interaction between coach K and Emery. It says something positive about both of them. A lot of people are saying K is in trouble up at the U. It seems like they tried a few other guys after Majerus left and none of them worked out too well. Krystowiak brought them back to being a really good program for a few years. Looks like he is rebuilding right now so they should be patient or they might be back where they were 2011 if they can him. Nearly all programs go through rebuilding periods and I think it is a mistake to fire the coach too soon if the coach has proven he can recruit and win.

  1. Both Seljaas and Harding are playing at a high level right now. Harding is just getting better and better, don’t you think?

Dastrup is at Oregon St. As I recall he verbaled to OSU before signing with BYU. Not that OSU, the OSU.

When I said Rose “blew it” I was talking about how he handled Dastrup.

As far as the LP3 goes, I am basing my comment about them being a bust on the hype that led to huge expectations and how that compares to what they actually accomplished.

Expectations/Hype + Actual Results = Bust.

Did they even make it to the ncaa tourney? After coaches and fans were yapping away about how they could take BYU deep into the ncaa tournament?

They didn’t even win a conference tournament or confernce title. What I will remember about them is that the best of the 3 left early, another one of them got the program in trouble and the third isn’t anything close to what he thinks he is.

Are they good basketball players? Yes

Did they accomplish anything remotely close to what they and everyone else thought they would? No.

So far Yoeli is this years version of Coach Rose hero ball.

See, you did say it… No, he’s no hero ball like you think the LP3 were. The best thing a team can do is play inside out and that’s what we can do with Childs. Just like we were doing with Mika.

2 out of three ain’t bad, hahaha

Who made those claims Jim? It was not the fans… it was the media, particularly Greg Wrubell. He also got called on the carpet by several other media members for doing it…

Have you ever wondered why a player plays for a team and seems to suck, yet he transfers and he thrives? the answer is the system the team uses is the difference.

The problem with Rose is that he is not in developing his talents, nor his offensive scheme to utilize the talent he has, no he keeps using the five slama jamma scheme he played in college (run and gun and shoot whenever you want).

Chris may know some back story as to why Dastrup left, or Toolson , or Chapman leaving.

But from what I was read the following is true…
Chapman - BYU college of law reluctance to allow him to play was the main issue for him
Toolson - Mental health issue, I know sometimes kids can handle a big university like BYU, where UVU is smaller and less stresfful
Dastup - became home sick and wanted to play closer to his family.

But who knows the truth, the players and coaches are not saying and everyone else is just guessing.

Maybe all that was true. All I know Childs has developed fully and continues to. So, perhapse it was Dastrup.

  1. Jordan Chatman mostly ture about BYU Law school but why did he end up studying MBA at BC? Fishy but non of my bees wax. Good for him to choose to leave Dave Rose.
  2. Jake Toolson, all true
  3. Payton Dastrup. I didn’t read or hear anything that he was homesick. He transfer to Oregon State and his family are in Mesa, Arizona or somewhere near Phoenix. And I will missed him because he can play but he didn’t fit in to Dave Rose system or he was not well LIKED! Just ask hopper where he didn’t have to say anything when we all know he doesn’t care about him…

Phi Slamma Jamma - not Five