Magnum looks like a good freshman

He has really missed some needed passes. And that pick 6 was ugly.

I think the receiver screwed up on that one.

He had no one blocking his view. He’s he that much of a robot not to have seen The receiver wasn’t there? He really looked like a freshman most of the game. I should say talented freshman.

I still don’t understand showing all our pass plays in the first quarter. We threw the ball way too much.

There were two receivers on that side. The outside receiver went up field, and the inside went five yards and turns. It appeared Mangum threw to where he thought the outside receiver would have turned and stopped at five yards. That would mean that either both receivers did what they weren’t suppose to, or Mangnum messed up. I would vote the latter.

Maybe it’s me but I didn’t think he threw the ball well after he ran for that 1st down and slid. His long balls floated and he armed a lot of the passes. The one to Blackmon that would have been a touchdown he flinged it sidearm. I think his Hamstring tightened. But, he’s gritty :slight_smile:

That was one ugly game-not well coached-not well played. In order for BYU to be good-they have to run the ball. It takes the pressure off a freshman qb and keeps the defense honest. The interception-well it looked like a route that went south, but I didn’t like the call anyway-it left too much exposed and literally changed the game. The frustrating thing to me is we are already out OL starters who are not playing and then one of the best sophomore centers in the country gets suspended for the game for who knows what reason-so that’s four starters and we can’t run the ball and SJSU, who has one of the best pass defenses in the country can just come after Mangum, who isn’t real sharp for whatever reason. Then to finish off we get penalties called on virtually every big play we are making down the stretch. For a minute I thought we were playing basketball in the WCC rec league. Anyway one of the toughest games I have had to watch in a while. Thankful we scraped out a win, but Missouri doesn’t look to promising next week.

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I wondered the same thing about his hamstring after that slide. I also don’t understand why Mangum slid to the ground when he could have taken a couple more steps and gone out of bounds without the risk of being hit.

Couple of reasons for the weird slide that I can think of.

  1. Freshman
  2. New and novel concept for him

The slide looked totally awkward… like he was thinking about it the second he started running. He looked uncomfortable, unsure and like he’d never done it before. He slid way too soon, he should have just run out of bounds and well, you get the picture.