Marcus Adams jr. availability

I show that Adams has played 8 min. in one game, Bellarmine.
A red shirt can play 4 games without burning a season. Then again, players play up to 20 or so games if they get injured to retain a season…just saying.

Would I burn a season to help the team with a 4 star player who could help the team…or mess up the chemistry because Adams is not used to game speed or Big 12 rough ball, just look at what happens to Atiki on every single night in the big 12 to get the big picture.

In a word…NO!

What say you?

I really don’t know if the chemo would be upset. If he’s working out with the team in practice without upsetting anything play him. The question is will he be back at BYU next year? He’s that close out player you want.

are you forgetting Dawson Baker? Proven commodity.

He’s injured. Had surgery. Will be available next year.

keep up. You said , “next year”

I asked if he will be back at BYU next year? NIL could change things. Maybe an NBA team would be willing to pick him up to play D league or overseas. So, if he can help this year, play him.

I continue to be curious about Adams. Has Pope said anything DEFINITIVELY about why he isn’t playing in games this year. Does anyone on the board have actual knowledge (inside info from the locker room or equivalent) of why he isn’t playing? It gets asked on this board every week on this board but only speculation why not as far as I can see.
I keep hoping it will be a “Release the Kraken” moment and he can just take us to near or to the top in a last push and is part of a brilliant Pope strategy.
If he is that good, uninjured, PLAY HIM!. Way more upside given all his credentials than downside.

Ya, I don’t buy the “chemistry “ issue.

Yes, there are several who do know about Adams.

But you should ask Hopper. He knows everything and is the final say on this board

We all have opinions. I know you don’t like it when someone has an opinion that doesn’t agree with yours. So, what is the answer. You say people know. So, do tell us. Don’t be shy.

Ha!. That’s good. My question was trying to be the"I" in DEI!
Sooooo, anyone with actual knowledge who is willing to share?

Tom knows

I think I covered it in the opening post.

You’re really equating Adams with Atiki? Adams shouldn’t be listed as a 4 star player then.

I think the chemistry concern is legitimate. We saw what happened when Foos came back. It took a couple games to gel. Part of that might have been that he wasn’t 100%. Defense gelling might be a bigger issue.

I don’t know why we don’t put Adams in for garbage time, other than no lead is safe with this team. Maybe Pope is thinking point differential is important to get the best seed possible in the dance. Stewart is a known commodity and it took halfway through league play for him to get some minutes.

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Any coach knows you put the best talent on the court. From what I saw fro his 8 minutes he’s a one and done. 5 star from what I saw. Time to play him. He won’t hurt anything. He might make free throws and layups. Wouldn’t that be great chemistry.

If he is open and positive to the idea of waiting until next year, I would not play him this year. I feel like it is getting to late to bring in a guy who hasn’t really played with this team yet, no matter how good he is.

Let him have a full season of workouts and practice and then turn him loose next season. What’s the hurry?

Wait until next year theme of BYU. Good one Jim :rofl:
We are in the 2023-24 season. Do what it takes to win now. Adams won’t be with us long anyways.

Check your English usage of “to”, “two”
And “too.”

So missed an “o”,

Big deal. I don’t go through and proofread every post I make.

:rofl: that’s your answer? I thought you’d like it :slight_smile:

The two points should be highlighted. O and D. BYU is ranked because of it’s defense. Case in point. Richie Saunders is now the highest ranked player on this BYU team but there are times when Pope sits him… (not to be confused with MVP) Our MVPs from my perspective would have to be Hall and Johnson. These guys get the job of not only running the team but defending their best guys (without fouling)

Adams has 8 total minutes of D1 play time and we want him to come in for instant offense???
1- If Adams wanted to drive, most likely, a guard would slip in and tag him with a O foul.
2 If Adams were on defense, the refs would be calling those reaching arms, hence the Atiki comparison. I could lay out a long thought out argument but the short of it is, Adams needs 20 games or so to be game ready, not playoff ready, that would be an entire season.

Hopper loves to grab a thought and make it his sounding drum. He will beat that drum for all to hear, over and over, he grabs my comments all the time, but in this case, Tom’s comment that Adams is the 2nd “one and done” player that BYU has ever signed (bradley being the other)…OK…Hopper, follow me through this one…Adams is a big time talent, yes, you are correct but he was injured for soooo long that he got way out of shape, we all saw it. The clock on this season was ticking and most likely time is OUT. Pope does not comment on injuries or sickness so unless I personally go to practices or I hear from Tom and his inside connections, I can’t say or I will say, this is my opinion.

While I am at it. There is a great article on reffing in the Big 12.
Bill Self gets first ejection at Kansas while becoming third Big 12 coach tossed this month | AP News

Hawks, this one’s for you.
I wish everyone a nice game day
go cougs

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