Margin Hooks Interview

These are cut and paste remarks. Admittedly some are taken possibly, (not probably, but possibly), out of context. Among other things, he says that he loves BYU and was happy that he attended.

Can we learn anything from what he says, or must we defend the Status Quo from each of his remarks and thus, make him a bad guy. I truly believer that his intent, was to be a good thing for BYU.

Here Goes :slight_smile:

“Teach, help, and forgive,” he, Margin Hooks , said when he was a senior. “Don’t punish people by kicking them out.” Patience and tolerance need to be extended:

You know there are rules, an honor code, but in the regular world [those things are] not even a misdemeanor.

At BYU, you might have a mugshot for something that isn’t even a crime … for a mistake that really only God can judge you for.”

A better alternative would be to have the honor code be for everyone exactly what its name implies — a code based on honor.

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