Mark Few makes a case for BYU after Gonzaga's title win - 11 Mar


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Watching Cougar Sports Nation today, the guys really had their Blue Goggles on. Yes, BYu will probably, maybe get in to the dance, but at an 11 or 12. At least with luck we won’t have WCC-Gonzaga refs in the NCAA. Those guys ought to get a check from GU, like in 17 years past, every year. The WCC ought to be called the WCGUC
or West Coast Gonzaga U Conference. The bulldozer was allowed to push, pull and bull doze all night long. Then there were the breathing fouls on BYU.

Fews comment after the men’s championship was like a gladiator saying, my opponent is NCAA worthy. Oh, wait a minute, my opponent can’t get into the NCAA, he’;s dead, I killed him. No rules, just do whatever I want to annihilate my opponent.