Mark Pope Departure

Assuming Mark Pope leaves, who do you all think is going to be the next head coach? Kahil Fennell could have been a solid option, but with his leaving to be UTRGV’s head coach, there are very few viable options for BYU to look inside it’s existing program for new coaches. My immediate thought, and I’m sure it was shared by manu, was to look at the coaches thst Kentucky was looking at. Although Scott Drew did say he was staying in Waco, it is reasonable to think that he could come to BYU, as we share many of the same values as Baylor, and the two schools have build up some mutual trust. Richard Pitinto is also a good option, as he as been at a relatively weak school for a short amount of time, and might be persuaded to join the Cougars. What do you think?

I’m sure they would look for someone who has a Temple Recommend first. But I don’t believe Pope will leave.

Well, maybe Pope is leaving. That’s really too bad. I think he’s enjoy BYU a lot more. But the sounds are he’s finalizing a 5 year deal. So, who knows who will return for BYU. Too bad.

Mark Madsen is the best choice. But there are others. Pope will make big money but he and his family would be happier at BYU.

I think I would have to agree with that. He also coached at UVU for a few seasons, so he might have some ties to Utah.