Mark Pope Gone After This Year?

Not because he is forced out but because he is seeking greener pastures before things really get tough in the Big 12. Your thoughts?

As nutty as that sounds, that’s the take of one member of the media who covers BYU sports. Steve Pierce writes for 24/7 and follows BYU very closely. He hosted a chat session on Twitter Spaces during the second half of Saturday’s game where he expounded his theory.

Jake Hatch discussed the theory on this morning’s Locked on Cougars podcast. I have to wonder how this season and the possibility of Pope’s leaving is weighing on our number one recruit who is out in the mission field, Colin Chandler. (I set the link at the point where Hatch discusses BYU basketball. Prior to this he discussed the football transfer portal.)

Should these individuals who have no knowledge or facts in this be sued? At the very least, if they are members carrying temple recommends should their Bishops consider cancelling them for severe rumormongering?
And Floyd, I’m not their Bishop. I’m simply throwing this out there. The article smells like a political stunt that Democrats are known for :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not sure who these guys are, but they are in the business of reporting what their inside sources are willing to say.

All new reporters do this, whether it is in politics, or sports or even our own neighborhoods.

Jake reporting a theory that someone else said in a post-game podcast. I found nothing in Hatches comments that makes it “worthy” being called in to the bishop office.

If rumormongering was a basis for being called into the bishop office, we would have very few members left.

This year is a tough year. BYU has turned over 3/4 of their roster and didn’t get a few guys they had hoped to get. The record is 14-9. Nobody has blown them out and everybody else in the WCC is a veteran team. It was a perfect storm for an off year. If Pope can keep all the key players on board that are eligible to return next year, and get a few additions, keep Chandler when he returns from his mission things will be OKay down the road. The first few years in the Big 12 will be rough. I hope the fans and Pope are patient and the Big 12 status will improve recruiting.

Sports talk shows and newspaper speculations are just that, talk and speculation.

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Ummm…no. Those with temple recommends generally have strong testimonies and would admit to the sin and repent. This isn’t like questioning the offense we are playing or the lack of basic skills that we see. This is saying Pope has been talking to people about it. That hurts him and the basketball program. Does this make sense? Maybe not?

People speculate about all sorts of things. We’ve done it here. Jake and Steve are just offering their thoughts, and I’m almost positive that they are closer to the situation than any of us.

I appreciate this response. I would simply differ that it’s the same. We are a closed small group offering personal thoughts. Those two are broadcasting to the world inciting speculation without facts. Another word for it is defamation to the detriment of Pope, the players, the recruits and the school.

Echo everything you said and would add. Pope really needs speed in the big 12.

I watched the K St game for a bit. on a break away, with a guy on his hip, the guard did a showy wrap around at full speed, then hit a kick out pass, all at full speed, to his teamate for a dunk. This is the stuff you see in the NBA all star game and yet, it is in a tight college game between K state and I think TTU.
We are going to be roasted come next year.

Haha murdered, roasted, embarrassed, all of the above. This is a BARELY average team in the Rec League going to the B12…

Is it really that much worse than the last couple of years? Nope. I just think if the coaches would work on the basics like passing, dribbling, vision of the court and triple threat position, we would be much better and not give up these excessive turnovers.

Are these the same type of temple recommend holders who have been charged with scams and frauds? OR the same temple recommend holders who treat “non LDS” people with detain to the point that the Prophet has spoken about it over the pulpit?

Are these same temple recommend holders who believe that they can be dishonest in business because Church is Church and Business is Business?

Don’t know Floyd. Is it the practice to let others hurt people because business is business? Are those two being honest in their business dealings or just trying to make a Buck at the expense of others? I’ll leave it up to the bishops to know and decide how to stop such rumors.