Meltdown—Season Over

I don’t think I have ever seen a D1 team melt down like BYU has in the last 7 days. What I saw from Lohner, George and Lucas tonight made me feel bad for their parents watching. Maybe the 3 worst single games in BYU history. I called the season over after the inexcusable loss to Pacific, but this puts an exclamation point on it. And only morbid curiosity and the fact I love watching Gonzaga basketball will allow me to watch BYU get curb stomped on Saturday for its 4th consecutive loss.

Barcello is a gamer. Atiki and Fous are learning and will be great. Seneca has been solid. The rest of this was unwatchable. Utter embarrassment for BYU to get blown out of its own building in a must win game after the worst week in BYU basketball history.

5th consecutive loss heading to SMC next week Thursday.
NCAA tournament not this time NIT maybe.

What was with the foul shooting? We shoot free throws like we did in SF and we would have been in the game with a chance to pull it out. Lucas was short on every FT and shot. George long in everything. Poor shooting and what happened after the early lead? SF got hot by BYU got really cold.

Barcello, Atiki and Lohner need to get a grip on their emotions. Pope is losing control of his team. That’s the meltdown and the reason for the poor play recently. It’s causing lack in concentration as we saw with free throws. BYU makes 80% of them with a couple less stupid turnovers and we are right in the game with a good chance of winning. What was with Lucas? Everything extremely short.

Glad to see Atiki have a nice game. Where was Fousse? Lohner’s minutes are diminishing and that’s not good.

wcc got what they wanted

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What is that?