Merry Christmas everyone and a New Years wish

Santa has filled the stockings, presents under the tree. Christmas is here this morning and my heart is full. I am grateful for family and friends and for my faith that God gave us a savior. Hope everyone of you have a merry Christmas.

Very excited about our football team next year. Wilson will be hard to hold on to if he continues to progress. BYU is loaded at TE, stable on the Oline and should be better at running back with that explosion by Burt. BYU played 28 freshmen this year and should be as good or better on Defense while the Offense has grown up.

My wish is to beat Utah soundly

My other wish is to hear Rose announce that he is retiring.

What do you mean hold on to Wilson? We’ve only had one QB that left early thinking he could be wanted by the NFL. Walsh was a cocky and stupid. Wilson seems more mature at 18 than Walsh was at 23.

No need to be negative about John Walsh. He admited his mistakes and not knowing of his bone headed agent believing that he was high draft projection. Can’t trust what other people (NFL Scouts & Agents) believing or thinking what those future players can become.
Enjoy Christmas and a “Better 2019 New Year.”

Zac Wilson did say “3 more years” and believing what he was saying. All I want for Christmast that hose players (Football & Basketball) to continue to improve in all area of their abilities on BYU Uniform for 4 full years. And please, both Coach Kalani Sitake and Coach Jeff Grimes to allow Zac Wilson to throw more and no more running in the middle smash mouth garbage idea!
Enjoy Christmast and a “Better 2019 New Year!”

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Note I said he “was” stupid. Wilson won’t be like that. So, you actually agreed with me :slight_smile: