Message to Ty Detmer

Play hurry up the rest of the season with Hill. Next year, change the offense with Mangum. It’s as simple as that…

AM grasshopper. Taysom knows how to lose with class.

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Imagine if he had been running like that the whole game. We have better rhythm and we run better.
The defense better figure things out or Toledo will be tough too.

There are three things that make QB’s great…

  1. Good Offensive Line for time to throw… BYU line is average at best, although they did a pretty good job against WV.
  2. Receivers that can create space… I think this is a big part of Hill throwing, the receivers can not A) create space B) run the correct routes and C) can not catch the ball.
  3. QB’s timing and throw mechanics (I know you like this part Scott)… Taysom does not get time to do check off’s, but at the same time he seems to be under/over/wrong shoulder throwing the ball to his receivers.

So while I think Hill is struggling, I am not going to put all the blame on him, his line and receiving corp needs to do their part also.

I agree with most of that. In all three games, how many sacks has Hill had? 1? 2?
He has had the time but as you pointed out, receivers aren’t open. This is why the problem lies in the system. It isn’t the plays or the play calling. It’s the slow huddling up like Ty used to do. This group needs to go faster. Not as fast as Anae. But, line up and get in a rythem. Maybe as they practice and get players that can run a west coast offense slowdown they will do great, in the future.