Michael Sam is on Dancing with the Starts

What has Sam done in the NFL? Nothing! There aren’t other former NFL players that they could have chosen that would have been a much better fit for the show? Just because he’s gay? Honestly, bad move.

Most gay people I know love to dance. Why would that make him a bad choice?

The same reason Doogie Howser was a bad choice to emcee the oscars. I seriously had ZERO interest in watching but my parents, who were over for dinner, remember the good old days and wanted to see it for different reasons.

Somebody needs to explain to me his obsession with homosexual references and innuendos and then his reasoning for walking out on stage in a pair of tightie whities.

Sad day for the industry and embarrassing…

The people who seem to obsess over people’s sexuality tend to have some inner struggles themselves. I’m just thankful my tv has a remote that allows me to turn something off or change the channel should I not be entertained or educated by what is on the bright box in my house. But that may just be me.

I wouldn’t know what you are saying because I didn’t watch any of it, but I also don’t watch dancing with the stars so I guess I should have left my comments off on that as well.

With the change to the new board nice to know a few things havnt changed, Jim and SG still bringing up SSA issues

All programs seem to be doing this. Lots of gay themes in crime programs. All this for 6% of the population.

So, Moses, Paul and Jesus Christ (Jehovah) have SSA issues too? No, unlike you, Jim and I actually follow the prophets and The Lord instead of denying the power of Revelation.

Its amazing when you read the words of the savior in the scriptures, you find out how he felt about a lot of these things by how much time he spent talking about them. He certainly focused on loving everyone a lot more than picking apart their weaknesses. I know he felt great love for all of those around him, in fact the only ones he seemed to poke a bit were the “religious” ones who tended to point out the sins of others. Ironic, isn’t it?

The law against homosexual acts is clearly spelled out by Jehovah (Jesus Christ) through his Prophet Moses and Paul. The words of the Savior are not just those in first person in the scriptures. His words are also spoken through his servants, the Prophets including Apostles in the scriptures. Funny how you don’t agree with this. Yet, you attempt to show us you know so much about the scriptures.

Whether he focused on teaching people to love more or not isn’t the point with excommunication. What did he say to those who would harm little children? Words of love? Hardly not. What about those money changers on temple grounds who were not religious. What were his words and actions to the? You only pick and choose what you want to read and understand. Jesus is Jehovah of the old testament where he instructed many to kill thousands of people and he flooded the earth when wickedness became ramped and his children would have no hope of repentance.

check again…

I replied to this thread AFTER you did and my reply was to you.

That’s all, thanks.