Michigan St. QB enters portal

MSU football starting quarterback Katin Houser enters name into transfer portal - The State News.

Here’s one to go after. How about it?

Yeah, maybe someone like that to provide competition. Don’t know anything else about him tho.
Definitely a religious person

I don’t know if we need to bring this guy in, besides it says he is looking at SEC schools.

We have Ryder Burton who has shown some real stuff in practices and during spring and fall camps.
There are a couple coming in from High School (both are 3 star).

I would like to see if Retzlaff could do it they tweaked the offense for his skill set, maybe put a bug in his ear to go to John Beck to work on his throwing mechanics.

But I do agree with Matich that there should be competition for all positions.

Kind of remind me of the current jazz coach Hardy. On TV he said, “It does not matter the size of your contract or who you think you are, if you do not play hard, and play as team, you don’t belong on the Jazz” He benched 3 of his starting players (all who have big contracts) to take the point home. The Jazz won that game.

Fair enough
I would still scour the portal IF the QB has a high probability of being an upgrade and a fit otherwise.
Also, nothing like bringing someone in from the outside to REALLY ramp up the competitive juices. All the current qbs in the stable know each other and how they stack up with each other.
But an unknown……. Creates a different mindset

Just saw D-news arrival on looking for QBs in portal after I posted.

best quote of the day. Retziaff’s throwing was abysmal

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Funny. I don’t care who your receivers are. I don’t care how bad your line is. I don’t care about the weather. I don’t care that your OC is terrible. I don’t care who is on D (including Ok State, who came into the game with the worst pass D in the B12). No matter what, a 50.4% completion percentage on a 4 game sample size is DOG SHIZZ in D1 football. Truly pathetic.

I’ve said this before, but Retzlaff is not a “running QB.” He is a “mobile” QB, which is very different. Even giving him back the yards he took on sacks, Retz only rushed for 164 yards and a 3.72 ypc. No show stopper. Slovis, who is NOT a mobile QB, averaged 2.95 ypc net of sacks. Pretty much the same as Retzlaff. So I’ll stop now since I’m laughing and don’t want to drool on my keyboard.


Well, that’s why Ratz needs to spend time with John Beck. A lot of time.
Drooling? Must be older than I thought :grin: