Mid season report card

this sums it up nicely

Seven Takeaways from BYU’s Win Over Cincinnati (msn.com)

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Wow, GREAT article! Thanks for sending–I would have never seen it otherwise (I get all my news on Barstool and Cougarfan, so if it’s not there I don’t see it). I think before the season most if not all of us thought BYU football would be competitive in B12 year 1, and so far so good. My mid season position group evaluation:
QB: great
RB: LJM is a great one. Miles Davis has upside. Hard to judge too harshly with our terrible run blocking.
OL: Solid pass blocking, yet worst run blocking I’ve maybe seen. I’m feeling overly critical, but these guys have been just embarrassingly bad run blockers, both in scheme and in execution.
WR/TE: WOW. I love this group. I’ve always thought our most talented pass catching group in BYU history was the '84 NC team with Koz, Bellini, Mills, and Haysbert. This group may be even better.
DL: disappointing. Way too few plays where a DL beats his man 1on1 to make a sack or TFL.
LB: BAD. I don’t care if my MLB makes 12 tackles if they are all 5 yard runs. On runs we are not filling holes AT the LOS, and on passes our LBs are getting gashed by QB runs on 2nd and 3rd and long.
DB: I love the two corners from Weber, Heckard and Garrett. Both have played GREAT. Our safeties have been ok considering they are all backups. I agree that Wall is a bright spot in run D.

Interesting take. It may be scheme as to why they are not filling holes/gaps. I do know that the scouting report says, if you want a 1st down. QB sneak. money. Almost broke my TV about the 10th Kansas QB run.

We all hated Tuiaki’s scheme because we were backpedaling and retreating at all times. I do give Hill credit for TRYING to find the balance between protecting against long plays and being aggressive. I love that Hill uses more man coverage, especially in the back end, and our corners have done a great job overall in man. But like you I was losing it on those QB runs. I grant that Bywater is excellent in pass D, but maybe use Taggart as a nickel spy or whoever else is at nickel in long yardage situations, because we have been hurt BAD by QB runs and it’s happening over and over and over…

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Predicting the Rest of the Games on BYU’s Schedule (msn.com)

This TCU game is a make a season type win…very doable against a newbie QB.

With that, TTU has to come play a late game under the lights at LES. Also very doable. and bowl eligibility.

@Tx. imagine the pomp if BYU were to come in ranked.

@ WVU, not looking as good as a month ago, WVU has opened some eyes. Nov 4th

ISU @Les. I had this a win before the season, still have it a win. Nov 11

OK @Les, I see a close game, call me crazy. Nov 18.

@ Ok St. after a rocky start, OSU is winning again but have rotated QBs to do so.

Buckle up

Yep, Hill is coaching like he’s a head coach. Wait, he was. BYU’s defense is much better this year. Bywater gets hurt again and that hurts, again as well.