Mika is gone to the NBA

He’s getting an agent for the NBA. What might have been. Can anyone say John Walsh…

Or can we say repeat of Shawn Bradley!
Seems like those Rent A Player “including former LP Frank Jackson” schools will always dominate in the NCAA and why bother watching those schools including the West (pac12, nwc, wac, wcc etc.).
Another thing, NBA keeps saying that they are looking at younger players and Eric Mika may felt the pressure. Bill Walton didn’t have to worry about that way back then but today they look for younger and quicker players.
Look like BYU more likely be 4th or worse to 8th place with 20 lost games next season!

Depends. We have a good group if potential players. Have some faith.

Mika is going to learn a hard lesson… He is not as good as he thinks he is…

The kid is soft and the NBA “Big’s” is going to kick his butt.

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Should be interesting to see how the other potential centers develop now.

We do have a good group if potential players. But it is up to those coaches including Dave Rose. I like the style of run and gun, well more like BRICKS or MISS really drive us nuts. They can’t seem to figure out the proper way on offense side. But Defense is another story like there is nothing there. Heath Stroyer (sound appropriate) I can trust him but it is up to Coach Rose to do some adjustment in chemistery. Like - we can’t allow those players to be tired out getting back to play defense BUT more like don’t want to play defense…
Anyway enough about LP talk anymore and put the team together. There is nothing to talk about on Eric Mika which is history. Time to move on.

Trent Plaisted did the same thing and never played a minute in the NBA. He did stay 3 years however.

You never get back the college experience that you could have had. Jabbar is right.