Mika, will he stay or will he go?


Goodman calls the BYU program, “Dysfunctional”. So now you have it. What we have been scratching our heads over is evident to the rest of the world. Another story on another day

Mika should return if he is a late second rounder. He could really get his draft pick higher if he came back…what say you?

It would probably be better for him to take one of two paths: Italy and money to support his family or return and become a solid first round pick.
He’ll probably go NBA.

To quote Coach Heath Schroyer: Culture Beats Talent…Mika et all had “talent” but…culture got in the way…

The combine did not go as well for BYU’s Eric Mika, which could be good news for Cougars fans hoping he comes back.
The 6-10 forward failed to distinguish himself for the second straight day, scoring five points and shooting just 2 of 7 from the field.
Mika has not hired an agent and has until May 24 to declare for or pull out of the draft.
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He said he entered his name “with the intention to get drafted,” and he’s going to continue to work toward that goal.

Well, maybe Jim Hawks is right about something unsettling on this team this year. Mika said everyone was close on the team but then outsiders say the team was dysfunctional. I give up on trying to defend the program. In an odd way, the team may actually be better if Mika doesn’t return. Rose had quite a lot of success with a four guard offense the last few years. Last year, the plan was to get the ball inside to Mika or Davis or Childs. That may have goofed up the chemistry and psyche of Emery at least. The new point guard and the loss of Mika could resurrect the four guard offense. Mika may consider coming back if he thought he could continue to develop his game with the current coaching staff.

Rose ran the high pic and roll one time the entire year…against Gonzaga. wrap your head around that one.

Here you have a gazelle who can run and jump out of the gym (Mika) and you stick him down in the post and play the inside out game??? The dude was built to move. Even Bennett with his slow, two left feet Landow runs the high pic. So when you say you give up on trying to figure you this team, I am right there with you. As for Emery, Haws ate up his shots…When Collinsworth was the point, teams had to double team or lose so Emery just had to sit there and bomb away. With Haws no team was going to waste a double team so Emery either had to move or shoot a contested shot.

Mika needs to return and develop that high shot, you pull a center out to guard him and Childs swoops in for the put back. That will be his shot in the NBA, might as well perfect it here at BYU. Rose gets out of his funk and runs a NBA/Golden State type offense, gets Shroyer to teach some defense and boom, BYU could be pretty good.

Clearly Rose wasn’t happy with the way the offensive development went…the Coach in charge of it is gone…

And it was a rare year that the offense, for that matter the defense too, didn’t improve vis-à-vis the opponents either. Most years the team improves over the course of the year at a better rate than the other teams. At least in part because of Rose’s somewhat annoying practice of playing the experienced players, even if less talented or skilled, than the younger players. Most years by the end of the year at least one and frequently more bench players is playing more significant minutes off the bench…
This last year one could say that the usual pattern was upset by too much early season injury replacements. But most college teams with early season injuries actually improve when the injured players return and play with the now more experienced bench players.
Bryant never got the expected early minutes. Davis and LJ ended up pulling players off the bench before they had developed into the system the way Rose usually likes.
The transition between the moving parts didn’t go well this last year.

I’ve just read a dozen or so NBA combine reports.
Most mentioned Mika, mostly en passant. Most figured that with his showing he’d be back in the college game next year…

The only question then remaining for him seems to be Italy/Euro bball or BYU.

If he’s got reasonably good injury insurance, I don’t see the downside for him to coming back to BYU. He’ll have a few games against legit teams and plenty of time to improve his outside shot and defense. Both of which BYU could use his improvement on, assuming the coaches are on board with developing him for the NBA.

assuming the coaches are on board with developing him for the NBA.

I would hope Mika would try to help BYU win games by being a role player if he came back. To the extent that it would also help him prepare for the NBA, great but if his only priority is to prep for the NBA, I’d rather him just go play in the D-league and let Dastrup and others develop their game.

I think they are only wanting to win games. If they win games then players are preparing for the NBA.

I just don’t want to see selfish play. If Mika spends too much time putting up outside shots to develop that part of his game, he may end-up hurting the team and team morale. If he works on his shot in the new fancy basketball complex until it becomes a high percentage shot, then bombs-away! I’ll be his biggest fan.

Olyninic plays 4 years at GU, graduates, and plays big in the 7th game last night with the famed Celtics. Jabbar just commented on players coming out early and that it doesn’t help the NBA nor college ball.

I hope Mika was listening when Jabbar made that comment.

Mika wants to get paid. Early on I heard him say that if the combine did not work out, he would look to Europe. A month ago I would have said that there was less than 10% chance of a Mika return, after the combine, I would say there is a 40% chance, it all depends on the $$

Mika may also be the “indicator” of just how bad the BYU situation is, it may be that he does not want to come back to a “dysfunctional” team according to ESPN.

Will Heath Schroyer help BYU become “functional” again? I hope he can help get things back on track.

Heath will definitely get several things under control…if Rose lets him

Eric Mika is gone! He is signing an agent. Bye bye. I think he will be sitting for awhile if he ever get drafted, more likely D-League and over sea. I can smell trouble for BYU in wcc standing or near last place.
Sorry, I am feeling so down of what he did. Just like Shawn Bradley!

Time to move on. So much for the legend of LP3! It’s disappointing for fans that the college experience didn’t mean more to him but I can understand his decision to do what he thinks is best for him and his wife.

Well, neither of them learned anything then on their missions. Kareem Jabbar is right that these kids aren’t getting the proper education that he did. Oh well, it’s the signs of the times.

I saw that this morning. I do not feel betrayed with Mika, He gave BYU 2 good years and he has to look to his future. For whatever reason, Mika did not think that his NBA status would improve by playing another year at BYU, you can blame that all on BYU and Rose’s style. Gone is the LP3 era, gone is the final 4 hopes. Now it is back to the BYU 3rd place finish, where we belong.

Maybe not. We don’t necessarily need 20 points a game from the post. We need scoring from the guards and the 4 position. I think we have that potential. And, defense has to be better than last year.