Milne gets added to the Top Receiver watch list

Bout time. Milne and Wilson act as if they have been playing together their entire lives. I know Wilson spent the entire summer headed down to Cally for QB camp and I also know that Wilson, Romney and Milne spent the entire summer working on routes and we can add several other players to that list as well.

What this all boils down to is Wilson is a gym rat who eats, drinks/sleeps football. He is either watching film, and not just college games but the greats of the NFL…or he is with his receivers perfecting his throws and their routes. A generational player.

These receivers, Milne, Romney, Rex and Pau’u do not drop a pass when it comes. Think of all the work they have put in. I am in awe.

When we’ve had great QBs we always had receivers that could catch the ball even when being hit hard flipping head over heal.

Agreed–almost no drops by ANYONE all year. I would like to add that Milne has outrun DBs in at least the Houston and Troy games. That is not “deceptive” speed. That is just a WR being faster than the guy guarding him, and Milne deserves credit for that. Romney looks like a burner as well, especially after the first 3 or 4 of his long strides.

That might be because they were room mates for the past two years. :open_mouth:

Brayden Cosper is finally emerging as a good receiver as well.
Both Cosper and Milne played together at Bingham during their glory years (repeated state champs).

Another point is that Wilson has not been sacked this year, at least I cannot remember him being sacked.

I think you are right–despite the far inferior talent across from them this year, our OL’s pass blocking has been superb.

There was 2 sacs, Houston as I recall Hoge and Tonga were sick for that game., Wilson’s fault as I recall but you are right on so many things. They are roommates and Wilson knows when Milne will cut on his routes and when to release. Now before we get to excited, I want to see if we have time to throw in a P5 type game against elite EBs (anyone remember the Michigan game when they jammed our receivers sooooo bad that we never made a pass?

We have time because of our Oline and our dangerous running game.

Here is another article about Milne being evaluated by Eric Drage. Very good observations.

I am not being too overly excited, but I do like watching the Wilson/Milne connections (as well as other receivers), it kind of remind me of the old days of McMahon/Kozloski(sp?) or Detmer/Drage connections.

It looks like we have some receivers that believe “If I can touch it, I can catch it” mentality of the old time receiver great had (that quote came from Glen Kozloski).

Koz and Bellini caught more passes from Detmer than anyone else.

Koz played for BYU in the early and mid eighties he never played with Detmer. Mark Bellini played in the mid eighties with Bosco. Mark Bellini’s brother Matt played with Detmer and caught a lot of passes from Detmer but he was actually a running back.

HAHAHA!!! The great Thawk messed up? Is that a first?

I meant to say Bosco … not Detmer. Koz caught more passes and TD’s from Bosco than Jim McM. My mistake.

The same goes for Bellini and Bosco.

I’m stunned! You admitted you made a mistake. Maybe we can be friends :sunglasses:

No big deal. I have a great memory when it comes to useless trivia.

Hawk: thanks for bringing up Kozlowski. I was a freshman in our NC year. Koz and Mark Bellini were our wideouts and what a pair of quality WRs. Koz was super fast, super tough, and played every snap like it was his last—whether or not he was going to get the ball. He signed with the Bears as a replacement player during the 1987 NFL strike and had 15 catches and 3TD in only 3 games; to his GREAT credit, he stuck with the Bears for 5 more years as a very good special teams player before retiring. I always admired his play.

I admit my mistakes! But if we were friends that might be another mistake :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

My two cents, Kozlowski was unstoppable until Edwards had him run a sweep and a defender hit him low in the knee and tore some cartilage or some ligament damage. He never was true NFL material after that hit

That was tough luck for Koz. I thought he was a true NFL starter before that hit.
I have not counted but A LOT of guys on that team got paid to play, and a few were really good NFL players.