Missouri Football team on strike. Black players will not play football until President of University resigns

"Injustice Anywhere is a threat to Justice Everywhere.’

I would like to have BYU Cougars, be shown on National TV, in support of the Black Athletes that are on strike due to racial slander and injustice while the administration does nothing about it.

We could wear black arm bands but i would much rather us where our all black uniforms in support of those students.

I would like to have BYU give the option of all of our black players to either play in that game, or, be aloud to join the black players, standing by their side, on the missouri side lines, (pre arranged) in support of players suffering injustice in any state, anywhere in America. The could sit out the game in support of those that are on the Missouri team.

What do you think should happen?

BYU should go to play the game and stay completely out of the quagmire that appears to be a ridiculous sideshow of loud political manipulation quite possibly based on a complete fabrication (ala Ferguson). What exactly would BYU be supporting? BYU should be prepared to play football. It should hold a fireside in Missouri, share testimonies, and make no mention of whatever is going on in Missouri - business as usual. To get involved at all, at any level, would look as dumb as black NFL football players walking out on the field with their hands up last season based on the completely exposed Ferguson lie of “Hands up, don’t shoot!”

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Mr Wolfe just resigned. Smart move where he can move on to new job elsewhere rather dealing with headaches!

I have heard about the incidents that the students are complaining about. One was an off campus incident where a couple of white guys in a pickup truck called a black Missouri student the N word. What was the president supposed to do about that? There is no evidence the guys who made the remark were even students and I repeat it was off campus. Another one was the refusal of the university to remove a statue of Thomas Jefferson because some black students demanded it on the grounds Jefferson was a rapist, murderer, and racist. Ridiculous!! The president apparently ignored this without comment, good for him!! Another was an incident where one white student called 11 black students the N word. Apparently nothing was done. I wonder about this one. If this really happened I can’t imagine any university in today’s politically correct world not disciplining the guy, and possibly expelling him, if they knew who it was. As aside that had to be a very stupid guy to call 11 black students the N word. I would like to know more details about this. Maybe he took off running before he could be identified. If the president didn’t know who did this what was he supposed to do other than make a public statement? Another incident was a swastika written on a building with human feces. Who knows who did it. Who knows if it was even a student and if it was what his ethnicity was. Again what was the president supposed to do? All we are getting is news stories with minimal details about what these racist actions were and about a lack of response.

This can’t have a good ending no matter what. If the university caves on this then it opens the door to letting the inmates, all over the country, run the asylums, we now call universities. In a perfect world the university would make a statement apologizing for racist actions stating it doesn’t condone such and then they would make a strong statement that professors who refuse to teach and athletes, on scholarship, who refuse to compete need to go elsewhere and then fire the professors and revoke the athlete’s scholarships if they refuse to teach and perform.

A few professors and a small number of students are calling for the firing of the president. They are getting the press. I wonder what the majority of students, professors, and administrators think?

The football coach is in a very precarious situation. His team has done poorly this year and if he doesn’t support a bunch of kids who have been convinced they are playing for a racist institution he will lose his team. He can’t win no matter what. The only winners here are the radicals who have fomented this whole fiasco. Aren’t race relations wonderful since Obama was elected? Race relations have never been worse in my estimation and it can be laid a the feet of the ambassador for hope and change.

The best thing for BYU to do is go play the game if there is a game, play well, beat the living daylights out of them (in a sportsmanlike way), and shut up. If this game takes place I can almost predict that BYU is going to get pulled into this mess. I won’t say any more but a few people as old as I am can remember the things that happened at BYU games in the late 60s, and early 70s, and they probably know what I am alluding to. If the Missouri president isn’t fired and the Missouri team refuses to play on the date scheduled it would behoove BYU to demand the payout and refuse a rescheduling of the game, if it is proposed and then think twice about scheduling any future athletic events with Missouri.

I think this whole thing is being orchestrated by campus radicals and outside forces. I don’t doubt there were some racist incidents but I think they are being blown out of proportion and exploited by people with ulterior political motives.

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He probably did what he needed to do, but it is unfortunate when a few students and professors can force something like this.

I think they should just play the football game and leave the social/political issues out of it.

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I think this could open up a can of worms in other parts of college sports. Are players going to go on strike at Notre Dame if the school doesn’t lower the required GPA from an A to a D-? And, do athletes go on strike for pay?
I think the President and school should have held their ground and canned the players taking away their scholarships. One of the complaints was over the school not doing something to a student who called a black the N word. Give me a break! Oh, that poor student who got name called. That’s just ridiculous. Why should the school get involved with something like that?

People are so sensitive that they cry if called a name? Seriously!

Our players and schools should stay out of the political hot potato. It’s garbage accusations totally fabricated I’m sure.


You offer a well written, and interesting perspective on the situation.

Perhaps what ever course, at this time, a person, a coach, a team, tries to do, or not do, could back fire and things meant to show respect, at heated moments, could be interpreted as disrespect. I see your point, if indeed, this is your point.

The President is on the hot seat for doing nothing.

If we do nothing, or say nothing, or act as though the situation is not important enough to say anything at all or do anything at all, will it be interpreted that we, like the president, think that what they say, "Injustice Anywhere is a threat to Justice Everywhere.’ is just not worth our attention.

Should we just act like Civil Rights Violations are not our problem?

Like the President, should we just ignore the problem and hope that it goes away? Perhaps, as you may be implying, (not sure), , the President may have felt that it was not his problem and therefore, he should stay out of it and let things take their natural course. In this case, it back fired on that President.

Are we, with our bias, which many of us are not even aware of, or perhaps, we are in denial of,
part of the ongoing Civil Rights problem? Should we stand by, without protest, when civil rights violations are still continuing since all the laws against them, which came out of the 60’s, continue today, even in 2015? Do we really believe that Civil Rights Violations are not our problem?


When college professors put their jobs on the line, and when high paying coaches put their jobs on the line, and when athletes put their scholarships on the line, it is hard for me to believe that they are just over reacting, While none of us have all the facts, certainly those professors and those coaches taking a chance on losing their jobs, and the athletes, taking a chance on losing their scholarships, have far more information than we do.

We have to get over the idea, that because they are black, they are not credit worthy of knowing right from wrong. They are not looking for a fight. They just don’t want to wait another 250 years for social justice and equality. They have waited long enough,

It is so easy for white people to defend other white people when it comes to dealings vs Black people.

The white person, in our minds, like angel food cake, are better than the dark people like devils food cake. We have all been taught this since birth.

Instead of thinking black people are blessed in most everything they excel in, be in sports, art, music, dance and academics, we chose to think that they are cursed with their black skin.

Until we stop taking sides, based on color, natural origin, religious background, sexual orientation,
and instead treat each individual based on the deeds that they do or fail to do, we will remain part of the Civil Rights problem.

Excuse me but I am a chocolate fan and I’ll take the Devils food chocolate cake every time. I like angel food cake too.
Sorry but I just don’t thing spouting off derogatory name calling is a civil rights issue at all. Whether it’s something hateful towards race, religion or to someone attending the University of Utard. It is not a civil rights issue.
What is the problem is people that cry and whine being called something they don’t like. I was taught sticks and stones…
Inam a convert from Judaism and have been called many slimy things by Jessie Jackson and even friends. As a Mormon, I’ve been called many unkind things too. Do you let people get under your skin so easily? I pity you if you do.

Ron, for someone who does not know the facts, you sure are taking on quite a bit for yourself and lecturing people about what, talking points of Black Lives Matter? Sounds like, from what you write, you do NOT have high regard for the LDS Church nor its members. So why are you a BYU Cougar fan? Are you ignorant of the race baiting in the nation and in most of our universities and the anti-white, liberal and socialistic attitudes and teachings of most of our universities. In good old conservative Utah, the late 80s no less, the University of Utah, Graduate School of Social Work was preaching and teaching (I know because I was a grad student there) that Caucasians, especially and particularly men, are responsible for and blamed for just about all of society’s ills (including those they overhyped). While racism has existed for a long time and still exists, Ferguson and other recent lies of certain violent situations of the past year are only going to fan the flames of racial discord and more violence. Did you know that according to our purveyors of PC, non-whites CANNOT be racist, no matter what they say and do. So Ron, for me personally, keep your preaching to yourself and those in your personal circle of friends who think and believe as you do. I believe that we should simply play the game, if it happens, and stay out of any controversy. Other people will think what they think, no matter what our program, coaches and players say and do or do not say and do.

You know this isn’t going to be the only event like this. This sort of thing will now be copycated over and over paralyzingly universities and their sports programs. And, you know what? They have been doing it to themselves by promoting and brainwashing young minds for decades. Now the students are using their Saulinsky’s approach to disrupt the the liberal institutions placed by the liberal left Marxists.


The words coming from you does not surprise me at all. Perhaps your thinking and the thinking of many like you, are what the problem is all about, yet, you, and others like you, can not, or will not, see the issue as a problem.