Monson: Bronco Mendenhall should not be allowed to coach BYU in the Vegas Bowl - 10 Dec


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Give me a break Monson. Bronco Mendenhall is an honorable man and he is a faithful man. He lives what he preaches. He is coaching the BYU team in the Las Vegas Bowl because he has integrity. He is a true Christian and an LDS Elder who honors his commitments, both to his work and to his faith. Isn’t it about time that a decent man honors his commitments to the players that he has coached and will coach them in one last game in the bowl game that these players earned this season.

I think you missed his real point. The game should be solely BYU vs Utah. But, the coach will be advertising for UV instead of quite frankly both teams on the field.
With that said, how would and who would BYU prepare and play in the bowl game without the present coaching staff?
Unfortunately, he’s right that coaches can bolt before the full season, including bowl games, are finished. The excuse is that they have to get to their recruiting right away. That is something the NCAA could figure out a way to prevent so all coaches would have to wait to sign for contract changes and start their recruiting at the same time.

It sounds like you are saying that what Bronco is doing is wrong. Are you changing your position with a flip flop?

So where is all this recruiting that Bronco needed to do in the 2 weeks between the announcement and the bowl game? Why couldn’t they have waited until after the bowl game to make the announcement? When will he be moving? Sunday morning?

I don’t like Monson very much but what he is saying has some legitimacy to it. The recruiting process has already begun… expect it to be in full force during the bowl game. Coaching the bowl game is a desperate attempt by Bronco to show that he still cares about BYU. I won’t be surprised if the announcers talk more about Bronco and Virginia than they do about BYU…

As it stands, Bronco is doing the right thing. Honoring the commitment to the end. Monson is right too. But, the worst thing for BYU would not to have a game plan and a seasoned coach for the bowl game. What player would want to be coached by someone who would leave him high and dry at any moment?
There needs to be rules for coaches signing new contracts. It must be after their bowl game. Or, after the last bowl game. High School kids and their agents will just have to wait before being contacted. I have never heard of a basketball coach leaving to sign with another team before the NCAA tournament ends for that coach. Football can do it too.