More on Wyoming

On Game day, I invite all our Young Men over for sour dough pizza, made in true fashion. Usually with pepperoni but often with wild elk sausage…but since this is our last game we get the gown ups over with salsa bean dip, meat balls, wings and pizza and have a big party…What do you guys do?

Wyoming’s coach really impresses me ( don’t know how they will keep him around). I listened to him talk specifically on how the game is won on the line. He talks like a War general. old school, inflict your will on the other team. Has a lot of respect for the game and our skill players.

I am guilty of gripping about having to play a MW team and my lost choice in the world was Wyoming. This comes across as disrespectful. For the record, WY has my full attention and respect. My vitriol is directed at ESPN and the fact that BYU did not get a P5 game, that is all

I am very excited to play a Dolk Award type running back and see how BYU handles him as well as a very good duel threat QB. Should be an exciting game to watch.

You know how throw a good bowl game party! I will be leading a group caroling to shut-ins. I tried to find another night but the consensus was that Wednesday worked best :triumph:. I’ll push for doing one verse of each song and end with “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” while I’ll be mumbling “I Wish You Had the Game On.” I’ll record the game and get to it when I can. I know…I’m pathetic.

As for the game, the Wyoming coach is perfect for them. He loves the game and coaches the right way. He doesn’t seemed overly ambitious for a higher paying job at a bigger school. He seems grounded in his values and he has his players believing in him and his system. I think the game will be hard fought but I’m sticking with BYU winning 35-28.

The intriguing thing is that Detmer has said he is not changing the offense for this game. Do you think that was to throw Wyoming off a bit? I do think BYU will feature Williams heavily but if Wyoming stacks the box, I’m REALLY curious to see what will happen in the passing game.

I’ll go 34-24

I am sure that if Wy tries to stack the box, Detmer will unleash the beast. Their running back is not the same kind of guy that BSU’s McNichols is. he only runs the ball and it will be tough for him to get over 100 yards on BYU’s D unless he breaks a big one.
So many variables…Tanner rust, How will Tanner and Williams work together, our secondary on D vs. a duel threat QB. I think we will see WY do some quick scoring and then we settle in for the grind