Mountain West suspends official

A ref for the Mountain West league was suspended 2 games for grabbing and shaking a ball boy. I think all refs in the Washington-BYU game should all be suspended for the year for bias and incompetence…

I love BYU fans… If they lose, it’s the ref’s fault… so predictable, it is not even funny…

I Challenger you grasshopper to watch the next game, then chart every call the officials makes both “For” and “Against”.

Record each call you think BYU should not be penalized for, and the do the same for the other team (should not have been a penalty).

You would be surprised…

The fact that 90% percent does not know or understand the rules is amazing to me, because these same fans thinks the ref’s are out to get them.

What I have found out that Ref’s sometimes boots calls, not because they are biased, but because they are human and made a mistake. I am not saying there are not biased ref’s, but the majority of them are good honest men who have a very hard job to do watching 22 people create chaos on the field and keep track of it.

One point of interesting while you are tracking calls… notice how many of those supposed missed calls directly affect the play or was the infraction away from the ball? That makes a big difference if the Ref will throw a flag, if it is away from the play, they generally tell the player to knock it off.

There’s no need to track anything now. If you could comprehend a bit better you would have noted I and others in here are referring to PAC-12 referees.
Also, from history, you know I don’t usually complain about officiating.

My former 2nd counselor and I went to the NAU/Southern Utah game a couple of weeks ago (he played baseball for the Thunderbirds). There was bad pass interference on every pass (both teams threw a lot of sideline “jump balls” to take advantage of size mismatches), and after flagging it multiple times, they just let it go. It doesn’t make it right, but if they’re doing it on every play, I can understand the psychological motivation not to flag it every down. I think that’s how the NBA evolved on traveling and mugging/fouling (and lane violations).

I also think this has come into play on holding by offensive lines. There literally is holding by every team on every play, and since you can’t call it on every play . . . it makes teams and fans mad when they do call it on their team (especially at inopportune, drive-killing times).

I am also referring to PAC-12 ref’s of which I know quite of few of them…

I know from personal experience that some officials do this… it seems to the ‘Mode of Operations’ for PAC-12.
That is why I watch replay, if I can see who they say “held”, I can see if it has a direct affect on the play, if it doesn’t then I think it should be a no call.

My problem with complaining about the ref’s in the Washington games is because BYU on both sides of the ball sucked. Hate to be that way, but it is the truth… Ref’s had very little to do with the poor play…

Yeah, I don’t think the holding calls made us lose the game. I think we would have lost without them. Maybe we would have made it interesting by scoring two touchdowns on those drives, but I doubt it.

So, that’s why you defend their biased calls. Ask them if they know even pac-12 teams think lowely of them too :slight_smile: their bias anyways.

I would like to see them open it up a little more, but like I said before, I don’t trust the receivers to actually catch a ball anymore, even if it perfectly thrown…

Do you know what happened to the Cosper kid out of Bingham? Not sure if he is red shirting or not… He was a very talented receiver in high school (as well as a very humble kid).

Most officials are not biased.

Having said that PAC-12 has mandated that they call certain ways that afford their teams an advantage.