Mr Basketball (Utah) is coming to BYU

Dallin Hall who is this year (2020) “Mr. Basketball” is coming to BYU after his mission (if he gets that far, because he assigned to the Philippines).

I know that some people don’t like BYU recruiting players from Utah, but this kid is pretty special. he has the ability to score and assists.

Here’s the article:

It isn’t that players are from Utah as much a how the coach brings them in unlike the the 3 where 2 flopped out. Childs is great and so have many others. If he could grow another inch or two, that would make this even better!

Yes, this guy looks really good. Fish knows all about him and thinks he will be a great addition.

Also, did you hear that Townsend Tripple (6’8") will be walking on at BYU? He played at the same HS as Kolby Lee. I was wondering if anyone has inside info on this kid? He had a mission to call to go to Argentina but he has delayed it to the Coronavirus.

This is what I found on the guy:

155 pounds bench press? He’s got to work out a bit. Nice shooting touch. Maybe a swing man or small forward that can start plays and drive. Hard to tell as he was playing against midgets.

I am not one of those who had a problem with BYU recruiting Utah. If they always got all the best HS players in Utah they would have a great program. Several guys at Wasatch Academy went elsewhere. One to Utah and one to Michigan St. I wish BYU had signed those 2. They signed the 3rd best player at Wasatch Academy and he is supposed to be plenty good.

Of course they shouldn’t exclusively recruit Utah but they should always target the best players in Utah because they have the best opportunity to sign them. They should always target to the top LDS kids nationwide. You should aggressively pursue those you can realistically sign.

I don’t have a problem with the signing of the Lone Peak 3. They were great gets at the time and no brainers for Rose to focus on. Haws had a very solid 4 year career and great senior year. Mika was the best of the 3 and had a great sophomore year. Emery had an outstanding freshman year and then went downhill. Every one of them was a good recruit at the time and I still say Rose would have been a fool not to sign them. What happened with them in terms of their development and so forth might be a different story but whenever BYU gets a top 100 recruit it is a good thing. At that point it is up to the coaches to develop the players and get them to reach their potential once they are signed. Maybe Rose didn;'t coach them up as well as he should have and in Emery’s case his play deteriorated due to personal issues. Part of the problem with the Lone Peak 3 was the overblown expectations.

When I first looked at this guy, Tripple. I thought, “good thing he is walking on at BYU”. Just a slow outside shooter, kind of like a Seljaas 3 point specialist"

Then I watched his highlights against Wasatch Academy. He may have a long ways to go in terms of building up his skinny body but this kid has good BBall instincts. Very good at carving out room with his butt down low. fairly good at blocking and rebounding.

Think of a Seljaas type shooter that is taller.

Some other thoughts about how pope is building this team. I really had doubts about Blaze, and now he has entered the transfer portal. The Mr. BBall kid that transferred in from Gonzaga…he may retire because of his leg. There are a couple more kids on the team that worry me but then, they are not eating up schoolies so I am fine with that.

it just feels like Pope is starting to get the pieces to really make noise. We will see if he gets a big time player to be our Point next year.

The Fremont kid, Dallin Hall, is the real deal. he could go for 30 any night he wants to but prefers to get his teammates involved. And he is built to take the punishment.

Somewhere I heard that Pope is now looking in Europe and Africa for players…

Have you heard this fish?

BTW, on a side note, I may have some clients for you… they love to fly fish and was interested in your class at weber… My friend and her husband are retiring this year, so they have some free time.

Floyd, you can forward my # to them. private message me on facebook

Yes, Pope is looking at two point guards that are playing semi pro ball. we should be hearing some news soon

Is Barcello going to play the point or the two guard this year? And can Connor Harding play guard? Or is he too slow? It seems we are pretty set with big guys but our guards need help.

I think it was said on BYU Sports Nation that we only have 2 scholarships to hand out. So, we need another big man and another guard. Another point guard. Sounds like there will be an announcement soon about a 7 footer from Texas junior that will be transferring in. But, unless he gets a waiver will have to sit for a year.
If Hall can’t serve anmission he may play a year before going on his mission.

The answer is Barcello can play the point but that is not his natural position. He was never comfortable running the show. He is at his best when he sits in the corner waiting for an open 3 and devoting his energy to defense. Barcello started the season in the low 30s% from 3 but by the end, Barcellos was leading the team in 3 point percentage, shooting over 50%. You don’t do that unless you are getting wide open looks and that is just how important it was having TJ Haws at the point.

Harding did play the point at times, especially when Blaze N. absolutely bombed at the point, who by the way announced yesterday that he was transferring to UVU. Harding is so important to the team because he is our 2nd best defender behind Barcellos, he can play the 1, 2 or even 3 in a pinch. He, like Barcellos, can stretch defenses by sitting in the corner and hit 3s all day long, but really blow by a defender if they come at him and finish with a rim rocker.

As I have pointed out, BYU can get by with these guys at point but we really really need a true point for BYU to challenge Gonzaga and play post season. As it is, this team is an easy 20 win team but to dance, we need a true point.