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3 Improvements BYU Needs to Make On Defense (

Pretty good piece covering what we have filleted out. Our million $$ man is on full alert; we can all sleep a little easier. I know I will. Personally know Poppinga, great dude, great recruiter.

Stanford quarterback Tanner McKee declares for 2023 NFL Draft - Deseret News

We all hoped he would look our way for 1 year, but this young man has the talent, good luck, may your dreams come true.

Former BYU, current Utah basketball player Gavin Baxter is medically retiring - Deseret News

Too lazy to post this over on basketball, good luck Baxter, hope your dreams come true.

Its the middle of the night, listening to some vintage Cosby, Stills and Nash.

Lastly, Merry Christmas to everyone here. Pray for Ukraine. Hold your loved ones close and go out there and pick someone to help that needs it, can be the smallest act of kindness. It will fix everything that ails ya. Peace.

Peace to you Chris. In the final tally everything works out. I will always enjoy BYU athletics. The competitor in me, likes to win, but I believe in the principles of the University and the ultimate justice of life. Merry Christmas

Cosby? Didn’t know Bill played with Crosby, Stills, Nash and sometimes Young. I jammed once with this 20 year old kid from Camarillo, ca. who spent a day jamming at Capitol Records in LA. He was asked by Crosby, Stills and Nash to join them because they couldn’t get Young to play with them again. The kid turned them down because he couldn’t see himself playing with greats in the business. Honestly, he could have he was that good.
Merry Christmas!

I grew up in Camarillo. Born at St John’s in Oxnard because we didn’t have a hospital yet. Dad was from Oregon and we moved back to Oregon when I was 14. I loved growing up in Camarillo. Incidentally, my older brother is a piano virtuoso and has played and recorded with many great musicians. He has never mentioned playing with CSN so it wasn’t him, but thought I’d respond to your message. My bro produced and played the music for Jesus Christ Superstar at Camarillo High when he was a junior or a senior in about 1978. As adults we had a rock and blues band for about 16 years and were pretty well known in our area here. You can look up Liquid Assets-State of Mind" on Apple Music or Spotify and hear the only album we ever released.

Chris: thanks for the reminder. I go into McDonald’s most mornings to get a DC. One of my personal favorites is to pay for the guy behind me in line if he is Vietnam age or older. Normally it’s a $1.50 coffee or something, but it leads to some fantastic conversations with some really nice people. A lot of my family has served in the military and it’s fun to tell those guys how much I admire them–those dudes served out of pure patriotism, and if they are ever forgotten it won’t be by me.

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St. John’s when it was on F street. The guys name was Mark Siesmore. That was in 1974 when I played with him. Actually, I was auditioning for Earl Smith’s son who was wanting to put together a band and tour with Black Oak Arkansas. Our base player was Scott McCain. Earl Smith wrote the theme song for a sci-fi movie the Legend of Boggy Creek. He was a big wig at Capitol Records. Lived in upper Ojai. That’s where we jammed. My wife and I were engaged and she went with us. Smith’s son was 17 and acted like he was 6. He kept trying to cut in and do some leads and Mark got mad. At 20, Mark was and elite guitarist. Made Scott and I play better. So, the dad decided his son wasn’t ready. Grrrr….Great times. We moved to BYU in 1977 and came back in 1980.