Must have better 3rd down plays

2-7 3rd downs is hurting. It takes a toll on the defense too. But, the pass defense is really bad. Fix those 2 things and we will do better. Tolutau has 50 yards at half time.

Lets face it, the team just isn’t very good. There is no effective plan for this team to defend and no game plan for the offense to do anything.

This has to be one of the most vanilla teams, on both sides of the ball, that I can remember… and everyone was complaining about Bronco’s defense. I complained about Anae’s offense too but maybe I was crazy. BYU is giving up 23 points a game and scoring less than 10 a game. That is not good.

One thing that hasn’t changed is BYU’s ability to make an average QB look like an all american.

23 points a game is beatable when we used to score 40 points a game. I’m afraid Ty brought his high school game and not his NFL game. We’ve had average receivers in the past that could get open and catch the ball. We had QBs that could get them the ball on a regular basis too. That screen play that had Tolatau all set up for a long run and the ball is thrown where it was easily batted down.
Our defensive backs are slow to react and can’t cover close enough. A week off and see what happens with the rest of the schedule.