MWC Leaving the Light On

This morning on SiriusXM’s college football show, Craig “the Hair” Thompson has said that the MWC is leaving the light on for BYU.

If true, why hasn’t BYU scheduled games against Air Force, Colorado State, New Mexico, San Diego State or Wyoming?

April Fool? Okay, Christmas Fool? And it is pretty windy now here in northern Utah. Must be really windy in Laramie, please not mwc.

Craig Thompson extends an olive branch to BYU.
The Big Six Motel always leaves the lights on for tired and worn out travelers.
I prefer the P5 type Marriot Hotels.
But thanks. I do appreciate the gesture.

If we are going to give up because it is too hard for us to work for and earn a P5 invitation to
a P5 conference, we might as well go to the Big Sky Conference. We could probably hire a good
high school football coach that will work for not much more that $80,000 per year.