My hats off to coach K and Duke

What an amazing run through the tournament and as an underdog going into it, and overcoming a huge deficit in the second half, what a great coach. My pick for best current coach in any sport.

Yes it is amazing what you can accomplish when you have the referees in your back pocket. My hat is off to him for knowing how to control the game and give his team the best possible advantages to help them win the game.

This was certainly one of the poorest examples of objective and fair officiating that we saw during the tournament. Too bad it had to come in the final.

No question this is what makes him the greatest current head coach in any sport. He just out smarts his opponents and gets his guys to buy into his system. It’s unbelievable and we may never see another like him.

No question coach K is the best in the business right now but I am not as impressed with this so called amazing run through the tournament. They were hardly an underdog. They were a number one seed and had a much easier path to the championship game than Wisconsin did. Everybody was an underdog to Kentucky. Duke beating Wisconsin wasn’t an upset either since they had already beaten them by 10 points in Wisconsin earlier in the year and most people considered the championship game a toss up. A nine point deficit with over 13 minutes remaining in the game is hardly a huge deficit in the era of the shot clock and wouldn’t have been that big of a deal in the pre-shot clock era either. I think you are engaging in a bit of hyperbole. That aside I have always respected coach K and generally root for Duke because I think they are clean and do things the right way, however, even coach K has seen that he has to recruit one year rent a jocks to win. I liked his teams of over 20 years ago much more, the ones that beat UNLV and the fab five. They had players who were real student athletes. The sad state of college athletics is that the concept of the student athlete is dead, even at Duke!!

This game, and tournament, didn’t cement coach K’s image as the best. That has been evident for a number of years. His win in 1991 over UNLV was far more impressive than any win Duke had in this tournament.