My moral and my optimism, for our Football Program, is at the lowest point since school year 1953-54 when we had almost nothing of a team, except we had hope of getting better, and we didd

I want to cry now, not because we had a losing season 4-9; Not because we lost to teams ranked below100; And not because we lost a Heisman Trophy Coach with 14 years of NFL experience; but because we as fans, as coaches, as Athletic Directors, as school administrators, keep blaming things like our Honor Code, our superior standards, and our high values for reasons not to succeed. That’s all a bunch of hog wash to me. I can see that I am alone in this thinking and that in itself
is even more depressing to me. It leaves me with very little hope, if any at all, for the future of BYU football which has meant so much to me for the past 65 years, since my school year 1953-54 back on the quarter system.

I see the problem as having far too many of us not willing to do the correct things to right the ship. Instead, we find it easier to blame the Honor Code, our higher standards, our more worthy things to put our efforts into. To me, I see these excuses as excuses and nothing more.

The only way we are going to right this ship is to stop using our worn out excuses and find out what we are doing wrong that keeps us from being all that we can be.

  1. Pay a competitive wage to coaches to get the best coaches we can have come to BYU. Stop using the Honor Code
    excuse for not getting them. Pay them and they will come.

  2. Stop telling all non Mormons that we are superior over then because we have a higher standard. This is not the way
    to win friends and influence people. Remember to pray in the closet.

  3. Let top notch athletes know that we respect them, we honor them, and we need them. Stop trying to connivence them
    that no star, one star, two star, 3 star athletes are just as good especially after we give them our superior coaching.
    They know better. Don’t insult them.

  4. Instead of going after FCS coaches to come to BYU to coach, go after the P5 coaches to come to BU to coach.

  5. Put an end to constantly trying to make sweet orange juice out of lemons. No matter how good and pure those lemons
    are, they will never be able to successfully compete in a sweet orange juice contest.

Finally, with a broken heart and a contrite spirit, I believe we are coming to an end of BYU Football as we once knew it because those in power and many of the fan base, just do not see football as all that important as to give it the attention it needs in order to survive.

When you go 4-9 you won’t recruit well. Take heart the BYU basketball team in 96-97 went 1-26 and the program recovered in about 3 years and became competitive again.Maybe football can recover as well.

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