My sources confirm new coaching staff rumors are true

And that Kyle is in talks with Tom about coming back to BYU. No deal has been made as of Saturday at 2pm, but serious discussions are confirmed. The straw that broke the camels back may have been the bowl game brawl as if Tom feels he can find the right solution, he will clean house on the current staff.

What are your sources KC? Same people within the athletic department as usual, or are your getting this somewhere else?

Saw the rumor first on Twitter, talked to my source in the athletic department and it was confirmed that Kyle has met with them and serious discussions have been ongoing since the bowl game incident.

How would it even work? Would BYU have to buy out Whit and Bronco?

Thanks KC! Your sources are generally pretty reliable.

Not sure Aaron. If Bronco leaves for Wisconsin, that maybe a mute point. Not sure about Whit’s contract with Utah.

I hear Whit has one year left on his contract. I’m hearing it’s 50-50 that Whit leaves.

Why does BYU want Kyle Dim-Whit anyways? UGH

Just as reliable as us getting an invite to the BIG 12 that KC said we would get by now…

I think this is complete baloney. It makes no sense on multiple levels. Whitt going to a non p5 for less money, so byu can fire a coach that has been good for the program, or at least consistent, for a coach who has habitual problems with micromanaging and oc’s in general. Just silly talk.

Well, maybe you should check out this link to get more information

Yeah, I read Monson’s article. I, however, think he is disliked by all the coaches and just stirs the pot to get clicks on his articles. He understands what gets chaps in the Utah market worked up so uses it. This mysterious source that is close to the program is probably himself… so I still think it is baloney. So I guess to clarify,I think whitt wants out of Utah, but byu is not on the table.

I agree Brendan, Monson does stir the pot for his own sick pleasure. Why would Whittingham come to BYU? Sounds to me from the articles I have read he was looking for a raise along with his coaches. With base, bonuses, and other things, Whittingham makes 2.4M. There is no way BYU is going to pay that kind of money. How do you think he would be received back?

Duriarte, Exactly! No one in cougar nation gets excited about whittingham. After the last ten years and the snub after being offered the job? I don’t think he is welcomed back at all. It would be terrible for the program for a while.

KC, Is your source in the athletic department a player, assistant coach, Coordinator, Head Coach or AD?

Is that source getting his information first handed or second handed or worse?

I aprreciate your information. Thanks.

i love idiots like this who want something to be true so bad that they start making things up. I’m sure his “sources” are real legit. Get a life man

I think that this happening is about as likely as BYU getting a major conference invite this year. I guess stranger things have happened, but I’m not falling for it. My guess is Bronco and Kyle will be back at the helms of their respective universities, at least for another year. Utah had a very nice year this last year and BYU’s was probably acceptable to a majority of the fans. Past next year, however, I wouldn’t be surprised to see both of them headed elsewhere. I really don’t know if that would be a good or bad thing, but is probably the nature of athletics at the college level. I have appreciated the experience of following BYU athletics through the years and believe they really do pretty well considering the parameters they have to work with which is why a lot of people like BYU. They, for the most part, portray an image and actually try and maintain that image in an imperfect world with imperfect people.

KC gets his info from Cougarboard. Don’t br fooled.

I stand by my source as confirmed many times.