My Turn to Play 20-20 Hindsight. Let Me Know If I'm Wrong

The coaches chose to play an uptempo game because of a lack of height and the reputation built in practice that we have lights-out shooters. The three-point shooting, however, has been abysmal even during the televised scrimmage and exhibition game. In addition the fast pace has resulted in excessive turnovers that would not have occurred if BYU had played a slower tempo.

In hindsight, BYU should have been playing great defense, a slower tempo, and forcing fewer three-point shots.

I agreed with you before this tournament. Too many 3’s because their skill at shooting in the paint and midrange sucks. Did you see USC and Butler pull up from 10-12 feet-square to the basket-shoot (not throw) the ball with confidence. Most of our players flip the ball hoping it will go in from the side almost every time.
I’d just like to see strong screenplay setting good screens and more Fousse. Far less 3’s. USC only took 10 three point shots. Maybe in a few weeks our 3 point shooting will be much better.
I don’t mind up tempo. Just take care of the ball better.

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